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Ben Carson lays out the big picture" Understanding Hillary Clinton's Email ScandalState Dept. Turns Over Hillary's Schedule, People Notice A GAME CHANGING ErrorHillary May Have Incorrectly Labeled Her Calendar On Purpose In Order To Hide Benghazi Info. Fudging official records is a Bozo no no!

Wikileaks. The Most Shocking Leak of 2016! Hillary’s top assistant Huma Abedin admits to a $12 million dollary pay-for-play from Morocco! CBS Hacked emails show Clinton pushed for charity meeting in Morocco. Ace: Wow: Leaked Email Shows Huma Abedin Admitting That Hillary Clinton's Morocco Trip was a Pay-for-Play for a $12 Million Donation, and that Hillary "Created This Mess and She Knows It". Abedin implicated Clinton in foundation trade-off with Morocco amid $12 million commitment. And still Clinton Still Hasn't Faced Questions About Pay-to-Play Head On because she has no good answers. Top Bill Clinton aide criticized ex-president for conflicts of interest, emails showClinton Foundation Employed a Now-Imprisoned Senior Muslim Brotherhood Official. Hmmm; or should that be Huma? Remember, Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable GrantsWikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation Paid Women Less Than Men. Sexists!

Despite Julian Assanges "internet time out", Wikileaks continues to push out the dirt. WikiLeaks claims sham U.S. firm is trying to smear AssangeClimate Progress, Joe Romm, outed as political operative by WikileaksWikiLeaks releases messages from Obama, emailing Hillary under the pseudonym "bobama." Nothing important, but a warning shot across the bow. Donna Brazile, DNC Chair Unravels During Megyn Kelly Interview, Claims ‘Persecution’ Over Accusation of Feeding Clinton Town Hall Question

Megyn Kelly vs. Donna Brazile: Did You Receive Debate Question Beforehand?; Brazile: I Will Not Be "Persecuted" Good job Megyn. Andrea Mitchell Falsely Claims Donna Brazile Leak Story Has Been ‘Completely Knocked Down’  I wonder what color the sky is in her part of the multiverse. James O'Keefe Says Donna Brazile's Head May Be Next to Roll. It is nice and round.

The Vandal takes on the Crook: Jill Stein On Wikileaks: How Much More Evidence Does Govt Need To Press Charges Against Hillary?WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left
Some of the left’s most influential voices and groups are taking offense at the way they and their causes were discussed behind their backs by Clinton and some of her closest advisers in the emails, which swipe liberal heroes and causes as “puritanical,” “pompous”, “naive”, “radical” and “dumb,” calling some “freaks,” who need to “get a life.”
PODESTA WIKILEAKS HORROR: Voter ID Doesn’t Stop Alien Voting. But no way the election is rigged. . .
Under Motor Voter, registrants can get registered to vote while they get their driver’s license or “photo ID.” How? Well, getting registered to vote is as easy as marking “YES” to the question: “Are you a citizen of the United States?”

As Podesta notes, when you attest you are a citizen, you get registered. It’s automatic. It’s mandated under federal law.

The registrant then signs the form, stating under “penalty of perjury” that the answers are correct. It’s an honor system — but only four states engage in citizenship verification.

And three of those four states are currently entangled in litigation with leftist groups trying to end that verification: Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia.

These leftist groups have allies in the Justice Department, which has also fought citizenship verification measures ferociously.
Clinton chief probably sent password to hackers, because we have the smartest political class in history. I wonder how John Podesta missed this alert email from Google? #podestaemails @wikileaksWikileaks Warns Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile: You’re Next.

The New York Times admits: Videos Put Democrats on Defensive About Dirty TricksWoman Backtracks on Assault Claim After O’Keefe Video. Nasty little old lady Hillary supporter with an oxygen tank fomented violence at a Trump rally. Clinton Ends Press Conference After Question About Undercover Videos of Democratic Operatives

David Harsanyi's choices for The 5 Most Outrageous Hillary Clinton Lies From The Last Debate It's tough to narrow them down. Despite Clinton's claims, DC gun ban did little to 'protect toddlers'. Hillary at the debate on guns.  Watch Hillary Clinton Laugh When Trump Mentions Gays Being Tossed Off Buildings. She's trained herself to "smile" while she thinks the most evil thoughts. No, Hillary, 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies Did Not Say Russia Hacked Dem E-mailsOnce Again, Media Ignores All Parts of Debate That Favored Trump to Zero In On the Two Parts That Favored Hillary. It's all the power they have, so they'll use it. Hillary and the Book-Burners. She basically promised a biased judicial branch. Clinton promises major wealth redistribution — starting with Trump, but somehow I suspect, not herself. Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world. Importing new voters, since the older ones are so disappointing. Why any half-competent foe could have clobbered Hillary Clinton at the final debate

Regarding the brouhaha about Trump not respecting the results of the elections, Last week Hillary agreed that Gore ‘won’ 2000 electionSpeaking of Fraud, Andrea Mitchell Admits 1960 Election 'Obviously' ‘Stolen’ From Nixon

Underscoring Donald Trump’s charge that the media is rigged, video footage shows Hillary Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill appearing to type a softball question for NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell, which she subsequently asks Clinton.

Cleta Mitchell — Use Of The IRS Against Republican Critics Likely Will Persist In A Clinton Administration. Why not? It worked, and no one went to jail.

Is CIA censoring jailed contractor's explosive book to protect Clinton? Veteran jailed for killings in Pakistan claims agency obstructed memoir of 'mini-Benghazi'. Hmmm.

KCK archbishop calls Tim Kaine a 'Cafeteria Catholic'

But maybe it's all about appearances: Could Hillary's smile cost her the election? Twitter mocks Clinton's 'creepy grandma' grin as she smirks her way through presidential debate. Chucky has a friendlier smile. ABC's embarrassing article about Clinton's white pantsuit
Did you notice that Hillary Clinton was wearing a white pantsuit at Wednesday night's presidential debate? Did you simply think 'Oh, she's wearing a white pantsuit again'?

Or are you like ABC News, who decided to find a hidden meaning in Clinton's choice of white?

That's right, you weren't just looking at a woman wearing a white pantsuit, you were looking at a woman who was ... standing up for women's rights by channeling suffragettes, according to the senior fashion editor of the Hollywood Reporter, Booth Moore.
Occasionally a cigar is just a cigar. Clinton’s Mandateless Presidency.
Too late, however, Democrats are beginning to realize that winning by substantial margins is not itself enough to claim a mandate to pursue sweeping legislative reform. That will be particularly true if Clinton manages to win the White House by a substantial margin and Republicans retain control of one or both chambers of Congress. That mixed message would (rightly, as the Founders would have had it) yield gridlock. Clinton ran a campaign predicated on the dual notions that her place in the waiting line entitled her to the presidency and that she was not Donald Trump. That’s a winning message, but it does not a mandate make. Unable to conjure up a rationale for Clinton’s presidency, Democrats have taken to mocking Republicans who believe that they have their own obligations to their voters.
From Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 10.19.16"Hillary’s Bus Is The Perfect Symbol For This Election, Debate Depressive DisorderLapdogs, HEEL! AP’s Spin Of O’Keefe Videos Should Make Team Hillary ProudCountless Democrats Admit The System Is RiggedDa Magnificent Debate CommentaryIf It Were Nothing, Why Did Clinton Dump Him?,Right In The NuggetsMadonna Promises Sexual Favors In Exchange For Clinton VotesObama’s Half-Brother Will Be At The Debates Tonight – Cheering For TrumpFreddy Vs. Jason, FinalePatrick Kennedy, Hillary’s Fixer,
James O’Keefe To Attend Presidential Debate As Trump’s Guest

And Larwyn's Linx: "America’s Leading Motivation Expert Explains Why Hillary Polls are Bogus"America’s Leading Motivation Expert Explains Why Hillary Polls are BogusHillary Lied: 5%, not 90%, of Foundation Donations go to CharityShrill Hillary’s Cheap ShotsThe Big RakeHillary Clinton in 2002: George W. Bush Was ‘Selected, Not Elected’Human Sacrifice in the 21st Century- Surprise! Its Us!Fmr. FBI Assistant Director: James Comey Let Down the Citizens of This Country“The Movement” – 24 Million Watched Trump Facebook Live EventOnce Again, Media Ignores All Parts of Debate That Favored TrumpAlgeria Donates To Clinton Foundation: Hillary Takes Them Off Terror Watch List , WIKILEAKS: White House Knew ‘POTUS And HRC Emailed’Woman Backtracks on Assault Claim After O'Keefe VideoPentagon Officials Furious: Clinton Reveals Response Time for Nuclear Launch at DebateHere’s What Voter Fraud Looks Like In 23 StatesClinton family home is loaded with 'expensive gifts' from Global Initiative sponsors,
Silly Headline Of Day: “WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left”NeverTrump Agonistes: Trump is the Only Pro-Life ChoiceO'Keefe: Mainsream Media Losing Power to Stop TrumpNasty, Crooked Hillary’s Security Detail Was Giddy When She Broke ElbowMonsters Here... Be Afraid...Is CIA censoring jailed contractor's explosive book to protect Clinton?

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