Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Slow Day at Clinton.com

A rather meager, random, and not too exciting collection of links today, The biggest news was the self outing by Jeff Rovin as Hillary's fixer on Sean Hannity's show last night (I didn't watch). There's nothing really thrilling here, just confirmation of what we long suspected; the Clinton marriage is an "open" sham of political convenience, with both parties taking liberties (Hillary had an affair with Vince Forster), and that he paid off problems and journalists. Why did he come forward? An attack of conscience maybe. . .
“The New York Times has become the National Enquirer, and the National Enquirer has become The New York Times,” Rovin said. “We’ve got to set the world right again.”
Restating the obvious, How Clinton has relied on handful of mega-donors for her $1billion campaign - with a fifth of her haul coming from just 100 people or unions. Just five mega-donors and their wives are responsible for one in every $17 dollars that have been spent on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. To reinforce that Facebook COO In Leaked Email: I Still Want Hillary To Win Badly. To be sure, she has more than mere money to offer.

Bloomberg goes on about Clinton’s Florida Secret Weapon: New Puerto Rican Arrivals.  They’re with her: Illegal immigrants go door-to-door on behalf of Hillary. Would any serious nation permit this?
As Democrats scream at the top of their lungs about Russia trying to interfere with the American election it’s ironic to see them actively working with non-citizens to alter the results of that very same election.
Could Hillary Clinton start a world war? Sure as hell she could – and here’s how. The pantsuit that launched a thousand missiles?

How the Clinton campaign planned staff diversity Quotas, of course. A wikileak that does't directly involve Hillary: Obama Team Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs, Excluded Non-Muslims, of course.

National Review reviews how Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe. And she thinks much the same of the American public. Deplorable and irredeemable.

Bernie Supporters Should Vote Trump Because Hillary Will Reinforce Dynastic Globalism. Probably true, but their not really voting with their reason, they're voting with their emotions.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO–Paula Jones Relives Bill Clinton’s Alleged Sexual Assault: ‘He Asked Me to Kiss It’. But Trump said "P$ssy"!

Andrea Mitchell Snoozing Through Hillary’s Speech? To be fair, she's probably heard it a thousand times by now. Although that voice isn't exactly soothing.

Now this is interesting: Breitbart coordinated with liberal activist and organizer who disrupted GOP primary campaign events. The enemy of my enemy may not be a friend, but he may be an ally.
Black has resurfaced recently as one of the people featured in undercover video from the Project Veritas group. In the video, he claims to work for the Democratic National Committee. Though he does not appear on their payroll, his bio at Democracy Partners credits him with "working closely with the Democratic National Committee" during the 2012 election cycle. Black in the video says he helped organize protests in Chicago that led to Trump's cancellation of a rally there in March.

According to the source, Black coordinated with Breitbart via email, phone and in person, including when he dressed up as a robot and trolled Marco Rubio’s events. The relationship was described as very friendly. An article subsequently published on Breitbart featured video footage of a physical confrontation between Black and Rubio's New Hampshire campaign chairman.
But it's Politico, and I don't trust them.

And the regular linkerage from Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 10.24.16"Hillary Walking Dead ClintonFormer State Department IT Official Refuses To Answer Questions About Hillary’s E-Mail – Over 90 TimesAmid E-Mail Scandal, Clinton Ally Paid $600K To FBI Investigator’s Wife, The Most Damning Revelation From James O’Keefe And WikiLeaks – Indifference, “Barring Something Completely Out Of The Blue, Like Hillary Being Involved In A Murder, I Don’t See How He Wins”, Proof Hillary Clinton Disclosed Classified Details Of Bin Laden Raid In Secret Wall Street Speech, Of Course They Did, What Happened To The FBI’s Integrity?

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