Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Foundation Puts the Crosshairs Back on

New email revelations that Hillary aide Huma Abedin left classified material in her CAR and asked colleague to move it to trunk for safekeeping. Hey, at least she thought about. Thant's more than can be said for Hillary. Sarah Hoyt on Huma's relationship with her mother's all jihad all the time magazine; POOR LITTLE HUMA JUST PLAYED PIANO IN THE PARLOR: How could she know what went on upstairs? Huma Abedin denies active role at radical Muslim journal.

Even liberals new organizations are beginning to roll over in their slumber The Hill: Emails threaten to shadow Clinton through Election Day. At this point, I would say they threaten to shadow her through posterity. Poltico: Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy - The Democrat aims to ignore the email and Foundation controversies, seeing a shrinking calendar as her friend. The Daily Beast: Hey, Hillary, It’s Past Time to Shut Down the Clinton Foundation. The Washington Post's Kathleen Parker: Hillary’s heel

Remember, the State Dept. has always been complicit: Clinton State Department Stonewalled AP for Three Years. Remember that when someone complains it's too close to the election. The latest Clinton emails show what an ethics agreement shouldn’t look like. The State Dept ethics agreement regarding Clinton Foundation applied to Hillary, not Huma, Cheryl Mills or Jake Sullivan, all of whom worked for the Foundation as well. So really, what good was it?

“Do you think we could get a plane for Westchester flight back tonight?” Clinton wrote in an email released this week as part of an ongoing Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department. “It’s going to rain all day and I still don’t feel great so the idea of playing a guessing game w the shuttle is really burdensome to me. What do you think? Could be anytime that works for the Air Force,” she added.
Hillary proves she's in good health by showing Jimmy Kimmel she's strong enough to open a jar of pickles. (video at link). RATINGS PICKLE: Hillary ‘Kimmel’ beat by ‘Robot Chicken’, ties ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’. I would switch channels to avoid seeing or hearing Hillary.

The health problem Clinton actually has
The Internet is awash with rumors about Hillary Clinton's health, but there is one medical condition she is actually known to have.

That is hypothyroidism, a condition affecting about 10 million Americans in which the thyroid is underactive, resulting in a variety of symptoms including fatigue, weakness and weight gain.

For most patients, the symptoms can be significantly reduced or eliminated with the use of hormone therapy. Clinton is being treated with a medication called Armour Thyroid, according to her doctor, who has issued a letter saying she's in "excellent" physical condition and is fit to serve as president.

Yet Armour Thyroid is a less common medication used in patients with hypothyroidism, possibly indicating Clinton wasn't responding well to the conventional treatment.
I can vouch for that. Georgia has hypothyroidism, and at one point, despite normal T1 levels (one measure of thyroid hormone, she was showing symptoms of hypothyroidism. Using Armour Thyroid (extracted from pigs thyroids, which contain the active form T3) helped.  There's a signal there that Hillary ain't quite normal.

Punch: Clinton to attack Trump in speech over his “disturbing ‘alt-right’ political philosophy”
Counter Punch: What a Clinton Supreme Court Would Mean for America

Watch: Clinton supporting small business owner realizes Dem minimum wage plan is pretty awful

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