Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Eyeball Update

The progress of the clearing of my eye (read story here and here for background) has been, in my view (pun noted but not intended), remarkable. On Tuesday morning, I could see arms wave, but not fingers wiggle. Today, I can even read normal text, if the floaters cooperate.

I had my two day follow up with the retina doctor today. After passing an eye test with flying colors, he did the usual poking and prodding and peering in with bright lights, took a sonagram and announced that, although it was pretty clear where I was seeing out, the areas he needed to look at were still too obscured to see any damage. I'm to keep taking the steroid eye drops and come back in a week.

At some point, if it refuses to clear, we might have to consider a vitrectomy to clear the gunk and make any necessary repairs along the way, but he also mentioned the possibility of just letting it go for a while, gambling that nothing is bad enough to be worth the risks of the vitrectomy.

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