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Congress Presses Perjury Claim Against Clinton.com

Even though the law against lying to Congress is rarely invoked (after all, they lie to us all the time), House Republicans detail perjury allegations against Clinton
House Republicans have detailed perjury allegations against Hillary Clinton, citing the apparent conflict between her 2015 congressional testimony about her email practices and the FBI's conclusions announced in July, according to a letter to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia.

"The four pieces of sworn testimony by Secretary Clinton described herein are incompatible with the FBI's findings,"  House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote to U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips. "We hope this information is helpful to your office's consideration of our referral."

The Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Peter Kadzik, confirmed in an Aug. 2 letter to both committees they had the perjury investigation request and the department would "take appropriate action as necessary."

The one-page response offered no timeline nor specific commitment to act on the allegations.
The lies in question?
"Secretary Clinton stated 'there was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received," the letter states. However, FBI Director James Comey said July 5 that a "very small number of the emails containing classified information bore the markings indicating the presence of classified information." At least three emails had a (C) for Confidential which is the lowest level of classification. Fox News first reported in June that classified markings existed, despite Clinton's public claims.

The letter continued, "Contrary to her sworn testimony, Secretary Clinton's lawyers did not read each email in her personal account to identify all the work related messages."

Clinton told Jordan that her team "went through every single email." The FBI Director said his investigators found that Clinton's lawyers did not read all the emails, and relied on a narrow set of search terms to identify which emails were work-related.

"The lawyers doing the sorting for Secretary Clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all her e-emails," Comey said July 5. Instead, they "relied on header information and used search terms."

Clinton also testified to Congress there was only one server.

But the FBI Director said investigators found "Clinton used several different servers and administrators of those servers during her four years at the State Department and used numerous mobile devices to review and send e-mail on that personal domain."
John Sexton at Hot Air analyzes:
As Ed pointed out previously, prosecutions for lying to Congress are rare. In this case, there is some obvious wiggle room for Clinton on most of these points. As to whether there were classification markings in any of her emails, there were markings contained in three of them. However, those markings were incomplete and Director Comey testified that it was “reasonable” to assume that those emails were not classified since they lacked a proper header.

As for her attorneys reading each and every email, Clinton also told Congress she “did not look over their shoulders.” In other words, she can claim she was wrong about the details of how her attorneys processed her emails.

Similarly, it’s not hard to guess what Clinton would say about the fact that there was more than one email sever during her tenure as Secretary of State. She’ll say she didn’t know, which really does seem possible given her apparent level of technical competency. So even if her statement about the number of servers is false (it is), it will be hard to prove she knew it to be false at the time she said it.

It will be interesting to see what the notes on her interview with the FBI reveal about what she told them and how that differs from the story she told the public over the past year.
You can be sure if there is wiggle room, Comey and Lynch will wiggle it until it is the size of an zeppelin hanger door. The is no way will they accept the challenge of further investigating their potential next boss in the midst of her coronation. Former US Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy: Clinton Corruption and Us
There is not going to be any criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Get used to the idea. It’s not going to happen. Yes, hopes are yet again stirring that there might at long last be a reckoning for this living, breathing monument to mendacity and Washington-insider corruption. Don’t get swept away. It’s bad for your blood pressure … and it’s futile.
. . .
As it happens, the incumbent attorney general -- who was first appointed to a prestigious U.S. attorney position by Bill Clinton, and who just happens to be in line to keep her job if Hillary Clinton is elected president -- would not approve an indictment of Hillary if the latter robbed a bank at high noon on national television.
Democrats Brace for More Leaks From Hackers Blaming the Russians and Trump was fun, but who to blame now that Suspected Russian DNC hackers also hit GOP, researchers say. I was expecting this to come out soon. Why would they stop at the DNC? And if the DNC and RNC, why not Hillary's secret servers? Although, apparently the material from the RNC is not bad enough to warrant coverage.

The first of many? Citing Clinton, sailor seeks leniency in submarine photos case
"In our case, Mr. Saucier possessed six (6) photographs classified as 'confidential/restricted,' far less than Clinton's 110 emails," Hogan wrote. "It will be unjust and unfair for Mr. Saucier to receive any sentence other than probation for a crime those more powerful than him will likely avoid."
Abedin’s Overlapping Jobs Renew Focus on Clinton Conflicts They need a new "bag lady" as Hillary is aging out of the ability to do the job.

Hillary Campaign Breaks Federal Law By Hiring These People For Her Voter Registration Drive. It's still illegal to employ illegal aliens, isn't it. Except that Obama repealed that law by executive order.
Poll: Just 12 percent of Dems see Clinton as 'honest and trustworthy' and yet they''ll vote for her anyway.

The Hillary Health Watch: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Erratic’ Behavior Raises Eyebrows. Good video at the link. That girl just ain't quite right. Another slip: Clinton Slips While Stepping Away From Podium to Make Way for Biden. Did he seize the chance to grope her? Is Hillary taking weekends off to recover? EXHAUSTED HILLARY Is Taking Off Weekends — And Media Is Covering It Up. More reports that Hillary may have Parkinsons:

Yes, it's Inforwars, but they're right about as often as CBS. Hillary's Health: Conspiracy or Concern? Embrance the power of "and."

Juxtaposition of the Day: Stein hits Clinton on emails: Voters "owed an explanation" followed by CNN Anchor Cuts Off Jill Stein After She Questions Hillary’s ‘Competency’ For The Presidency.

Keeping hope alive: Five things that could still go wrong for Hillary Clinton
  1. A debate disaster
  2. A hacking embarrassment
  3. Clinton voters stay home
  4. Clinton Foundation revelations 
  5. A terrorist attack
Or how about a sex scandal? A TALE OF TWO HEADLINES:
Juanita Broaddrick Wants To Be Believed.
—BuzzFeed News, yesterday.
On Rape, Clinton Campaign Deletes ‘You Have The Right to Be Believed’ From Website.
As Ace notesI guess, like those of Obama, all of Hillary's promises come with an expiration date.

I'm not even sure modifying Gov. Edwin Edwards (D - LA)  comment about a dead girl or a live boy covers it: Wonkette editor: If Bill Clinton’s a rapist, it doesn’t ‘make him a bad feminist’.

And a few from Wombat-socho's "In the Mailbox: 08.15.16"Robin Hood In Reverse – The Clinton Foundation Under Federal ScrutinyNow In Graphic Novel FormatClinton CashA Waste Of Perfectly Good Irony and Hillary Apparently Unaware Obama Already Deployed Thousands Of Troops To Iraq & Syria To Fight ISIS; Says Ground Forces “Off The Table”

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