Monday, August 8, 2016

Resuming Coverage

I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of hating Hillary after a week off. After all, it's not like A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Be An American Tragedy. Oh that's right, it would. Hillary's running mate, former VA governor Tim Kaine gets the impossible task of explaining Clinton’s email lies. Faceplants
What’s amusing to watch (in an admittedly mean spirited way) is the look on Kaine’s face as Chuck Todd makes his way through the lengthy set-up to the question. He knows the question is coming. He’s been briefed on what to say. But you can also tell that he’s unhappy with the only answer he’s been given and he looks like he just swallowed a dead toad while he’s waiting.

Ann Althouse catches Hillary trying to shade the truth: It's not "I may have short-circuited." It's "I may have short-circuited it." But what difference does it make? I think what Hillary said, she said for the express purpose of distracting from the essential fact that she has consistently lied to the public about her emails. William Saffire in the NYT: Blizzard of Lies and that was from 1996. She's gotten more brazen as she's gotten away with more and more. However, For some on the left, Hillary has never told a lie about her email. It's more that they just don't care; it's only national security, after all, not welfare. It turns out that an Iranian scientist who was working as a spy for the US, and who was discussed by name in Hillary's emails was caught and executed. Was it, as some are willing to claim, a direct result of Hillary's emails? Who knows? Putin maybe. If Putin got the info, would inform Iran? Probably, it's no skin off his nose and he might get something of value from the Iranians.

Hillary found a former Deputy Director of the CIA, Michael Morell, to endorse her. Of course, he also served under her husband, and helped to cover up her Benghazi lies. She is also getting the full throated endorsement of the Communist Party USA. Like calls to like. But she probably won't be getting much help from the police unions after Hillary told the police union to Get Lost. She made a cold-blooded calculation that there are more black lives matter votes than police votes.

Today Drudge is featuring a number of incidents of Hillary being unable to navigate stairs, falling down, etc:


Drunk? Old? Concussion symptoms? Epilepsy Will she make it a whole term? DrJohn at Flopping Aces is not alone in questioning her health and  sanity: Signs that Hillary Clinton is mentally ill and Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown. Found at "Larwyn's Linx" from Aug. 7. Plenty more links there, as well as in the Aug. 8 post. 

Hillary likes to cite her previous experience, but at the Washington Post! As senator, Clinton promised 200,000 jobs in Upstate New York. Her efforts fell flat.  

Chelsea Clinton’s next gig… First Lady? To be fair, Bill will be pretty busy with the Lolita Express, and she looks better in a dress.
NBC caught editing segment about Bill Clinton rape accuser But shockingly, they were caught editing out the untrue disclaimer "discredited and long-denied." I'm sure that they added it as part of a spinal reflex to protect the Clintons.

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