Friday, August 19, 2016

I Guess I Should Use This Before Rio is Over

Somebody made a very loving portrait of Brazilian platform diver Ingrid de Oliveira:

Part II

Alas, her team only scored 8th in the synchronized platform, and she was ranked 22 in the platform diving, so she didn't get a lot of air time.

Pedro Gonçalves
However, she was apparently involved in a minor escapade: Ingrid de Oliveira apologized for sexual scandal in Rio 2016, as badly translated by Google translator:
It all started when Ingrid de Oliveira asked his companion Giovanna Pedrosa , the room they shared at the Olympic Village for the night with Brazilian rower Pedro Gonçalves.

Pedrosa initially refused because the next day competed and had to rest, however, moments later he accepted and left the room so that his partner could have the passionate encounter.

The next day they competed and their performance was disappointing because competition in trampoline jumping 10 meters the pair came last. Anger made Giovanna inform the Brazilian Olympic Committee about what happened that night so determined the expulsion of the beautiful diver.

After the scandal Brazilian Ingrid de Oliveira said: "Everyone can make a mistake" while Gonçalves has not spoken about it .
You can read it in nonbutchered English at the New York Post:

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