Monday, August 29, 2016

LA Cops Finally Arrest Zorro

That only took about 200 years.  Mass evacuation at LAX caused by ZORRO! Actor on way home from audition dressed as masked hero with plastic sword is arrested amid reports of an 'active shooter' grounding flights
An actor returning from an audition dressed as masked hero Zorro, complete with plastic sword, shut down LAX airport and sparked fear of an active shooter situation on Sunday night.

The unidentified, middle-aged black man dressed in an all black satin costume with gloves, hat and large belt was apprehended on a bench as he waited 'for a ride home'.

Police were initially responding to claims that a man had opened fire near a baggage reclaim, and set about evacuating thousands of passengers and grounding flights.

After a thorough search and the eventual arrest of the costumed man outside a terminal, LAPD admitted the entire incident was a false alarm.

'Report of shooting at LAX proven to be loud noises only no shots fired no injuries investigation continues to locate source', LAPD posted on Twitter.
Hey, Black Lives Matter!

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