Wednesday, August 17, 2016

And You Know It Was The Hottest Part of the Day

But Skye wanted to walk around 2 PM anyway, so we packed our half frozen water bottle, and headed down to the beach anyway. On the way, this Osprey was sitting up over the harbor with a fish. Taking a break before heading off the nest?
It's a little cooler today than it has been, peaking around 93 F, with relative humidity around 60%, giving a Heat Index, or "feels like" temperature of about 101 F. Despite the humidity, the sky is quite clear, not the hazy you tend to associate with the humidity, but is really smog.
We spent as much time in the shade of trees as possible, and it wasn't too awful, although Skye acquired a flock of biting flies that drove her nuts until we managed to shake them.
Some weed or another in the shade of the cliff.
On the way home, we ran into a small group of the local deer crossing the road. We saw 2 does, two fawns, and one buck with a pretty nice rack in velvet. I'm pleased to say my leash holding arm and shoulder remain intact.

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