Sunday, June 16, 2019

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Stolen from Drudge, 'Dragon girl' with tongue split in half reveals new FANGS and 130 tattoos
A body modification fan who had her tongue split in two and eyes inked blue has revealed her new fangs and 130 tattoos as she continues to transform her look.

Amber Luke, 24, from Australia, has reportedly splashed out $26,000 (£20,652.97) on her image.

With her ear lobes stretched and bright blue hair, she describes herself as the 'Blue Eyed White Dragon'.

Flaunting her new fangs, Amber told Daily Mail Australia: "They're very sharp, sharp enough to pierce skin. I love the look of them, it's so aesthetically pleasing.

"I decided years ago that I wanted vampire fangs. I knew I wanted them to be a part of my look."

She added: "They're easily removable and one day I'll be getting permanent ones."

Amber said her vibrant coloured hair she had dyed recently makes life interesting.

She's currently in Melbourne for a week and hopes to be tattooed by at least four artists while she's there.
Interesting, for sure, but I'm not  sure it's an improvement over the original design, but I'm glad she's happy about it.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Monday: Camila Cabello up and running.

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  1. Meh.. I'm younger then you but I'll play the "Grumpy Old Man". She was a pretty young girl. Now she is a freak.