Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Dragonflies, Butterflies, Horseflies on the Walk.

It's been a big year for dragon flies. It must be because of all the rain last year, and so far this year. This one appears to be a male Common White Tail, and indeed they are very common.
This one may be the Green Darner, and they have been way more common this year than usual.
I thought I had a different one here, but it turns out to be the female White Tail.
The weed of butterflies, the Cabbage White.
The American Lady on a Cone Flower.
Another shot, showing the underside of the wings.
A big New Guinea Impatiens. Georgia has a few of these, sharing the deck with peppers and tomatoes. They like full sun.
A Clouded Sulphur on a Dandelion.
Skye and I did make it to the beach today, and despite the mid 80's temperature, the north breeze kept it tolerable to the Siberian. A big Horsefly bit my leg on the way home

The next two photo shows the Cormorants hanging out on the channel markers at the harbor.

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