Saturday, June 29, 2019

Just a Little Russiagate

Gee I wonder what their plan is here.

Anyone suspect that there will be claims that Mueller totally, totally wanted to charge Trump with obstruction of justice but, for whatever reason, was too ascared to?

And anyone suspect that CNN will suddenly get some more Conspiracy Theory Scoops again?
No transcript? You must be kidding, right?

Althouse,You should read this, from Jonathan Turley.  "20 questions for Robert Mueller."
1. When exactly did you determine that no collusion occurred between Donald Trump or his team and the Russian government or other Russian interests either before or immediately after the 2016 presidential election?

2. You met with President Trump after he fired FBI director James Comey. He has said the meeting was an interview for your possible appointment as Comey’s successor. Presumably, Comey’s firing and its basis were discussed. Did Trump explain his reasons to you?

3. Given that you were one of the first outside individuals to meet with Trump on Comey’s firing, didn’t that create a conflict for you as a fact witness in any later investigation? Did you seek an ethics opinion on that alleged conflict?

4. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also was involved in the decision-making on Comey’s firing, including his memorandum detailing Comey’s violations. Did you seek to interview Rosenstein and, as a result, did you raise the obvious conflict of interest in Rosenstein overseeing the investigation?

5. You met with Rosenstein and Attorney General William Barr weeks before your report’s release. Both reportedly told you to identify all grand jury material to allow for the report’s expedited release. Why didn’t you do so? . . .
Just one of several such lists I've seen and linked. Republicans should have no lack of good questions to ask Mueller. Now, if we can just get straight answers to them past the Democrats rules.

And from Elizabeth Vaughn at Red State, Newly Released Documents: Obama Officials Changed Intelligence Sharing Rules In Final Days To Undermine Trump Administration
The changes were intended to increase access to raw signals intelligence by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. Sekulow explains the modifications were made to “pave the way for a shadow government to leak classified information – endangering our national security and severely jeopardizing the integrity and reputation of our critical national security apparatus – in an attempt to undermine President Trump.”

The more officials who have access to classified information, the more difficult it becomes to determine accountability in the event of a leak.

According to Sekulow, the documents show that Clapper was especially “eager” for the adjustments to be made and “rushed to get the new procedures signed by the Attorney General [Loretta Lynch] before the conclusion of this administration.”

The documents reveal DNI official Robert Litt telling the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense’s Director of Intelligence Strategy, Policy, & Integration: “Really want to get this done … and so does the Boss [James Clapper].”
. . .
Related to this was the unprecedented increase in the number of “unmasking” requests made in the run-up to the election. Over 300 requests were carried out in 2016, most of which were recorded in the name of Samantha Powers, who served as Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations. However, Powers denies she was responsible for all of them.

The ACLJ filed their FOIA request for this information from the DNI and the NSA two years ago. They currently have three additional FOIA lawsuits pending.

Sekulow’s revelation adds to the ever-growing pile of evidence indicating that there was indeed a “coordinated effort” by a shadow government which worked to undermine President Trump.

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