Saturday, June 15, 2019

Bunnies, Butterflies and the Beach

Skye and I left about 10:30 AM to visit the beach. We saw 9 bunnies on the way! My arms are about an inch longer as a result.
The Milkweed by the edge of the harbor is in full bloom, smells very sweet, and is attracting all kinds of insects, including this Zebra Swallowtail and bumblebee. . .
 As well as this American Lady (note the tiny white dot in the field of orange).
It was about 75 out, with a nice western breeze, which keeps you cool in the sun, but barely ripples the Bay. You might note Skye looks a bit skinny. When we boarded her to go to Pittsburgh, they de-haired her, and did a pretty good job. Hopefully that will help her stay cool.

Looking for fossils the hard way, with a screen. We found 16 shark's teeth between us, none of them especially notable or picture worthy
 Skye in the lead on the way home.
Somebody ignored the now faded "dangerous jetty" sign.

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