Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Great Moments in Climate Hypocrisy

U2 guitarist The Edge's dreams of building an ultra-luxurious, $100 million family compound overlooking the Pacific in Malibu have been all but shattered, DailyMailTV can reveal.
The 57-year-old Irish rocker - real name David Evans - has been trying for 14 years to construct five ultra-modern mini-mansions on an idyllic plot he bought, despite the loud protests of outraged environmentalists who say his plan would destroy a pristine, untouched mountainside.

And now, after a long-drawn out - and expensive - court battle that Evans lost on appeal, the California Supreme Court issued its decision denying his petition to review the case.
One of the five planned houses.
 Not bad for only a hundred mil.

The court's refusal even to consider hearing his case effectively torpedoes Evans' ambitious project, which he calls 'Leaves in the Wind.'

'He's finished - the California Supreme Court was his last resort,' Dean Wallraff, lawyer for the pro-environment Sierra Club - which sued Evans over his plan - told DailyMailTV.

'I'm very happy that the Supreme Court decided not to review the case because it brings a definitive end to this terrible project which would have caused devastating damage.'

If Evans - who has refused to take no for an answer during all the years of roadblocks he's faced in trying to get his houses built - wants to pursue his dream, he could re-apply to Los Angeles County planners for new building permits.

But it would be another, years-long uphill battle.
Sweet view. I used to fish off that pier
From the comments, by way of Althouse: "That is very bourgeois for such a dedicated leftist. Glad he got stuffed by his own side. I always laugh when liberals get caught in their own traps."
The top-rated comment: "U2 the hypocritical band They put their money offshore to evade Ireland taxes. Fly separately in private jets, each have a limosine back stage, then the band walk out and tell fans global warming is bad and preach for 10 minutes. Glad this environment was protected from another U2 hypocrite."

The rejected plan was to build 5 houses, which he called "Leaves in the Wind" to convey the message that these things — bigger than 12,000 square feet each — would barely be noticed. Later, the houses were scaled back to the 9,000-square-foot range.
Hey, it's his money, let him buy and build whatever he can afford, and get permitted. Get that money back into circulation. Just don't give me any crap about my puny carbon footprint.

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