Friday, June 21, 2019

It's Not Like They'll Actually Do Anything About It

Maryland’s Howard County has been awarded a nearly $2 million grant to help protect a section of the Chesapeake Bay’s vast watershed.

County executive Calvin Ball says the $1.8 million will be dispersed over years through the state’s Clean Water Commerce Act grant. The money will be used to develop strategies to slash nutrient pollutants from treated wastewater entering the watershed.

The county’s public works department has requested budget authority for $750,000 for the grant’s first year.

Ball says the funding can help “ensure that we can all live healthier lives and better protect a treasured natural resource.”
Thirty years (or more) into the Chesapeake clean up, and we still need to give counties a couple of million bucks each  to "develop strategies"? Maybe we could have done that a little earlier? And "Slash"? My gut instinct is the "strategies developed" will nibble around the edges. And maybe counties should pay their own damn $2 million to develop strategies to control their own pollution?

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