Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What Was She Thinking?

From Stacy McCain: Horny Teacher Sentenced to Prison
America’s public education system is run by perverts. Consider the case of Oklahoma science teacher Hunter Day. In 2014, at age 19, she married Tyler Day, a 6-foot-tall athlete who played linebacker for the University of Central Oklahoma. Her husband became a coach at Yukon High School, where she was hired to teach science and molest teenage boys:
Deputies say that the investigation began after they received a complaint by parents who said that Day was having inappropriate contact with their son.
Authorities say the teen’s parents told investigators that they found text messages and nude photographs on their son’s cell phone.
Investigators say they determined that Day and the teenage boy had already had sex, and that they had made plans to meet at her home to have sex again 

Authorities with the sheriff’s office used the boy’s cell phone and pretended to be him while contacting Day. Investigators asked Day if the meeting was still on, and she allegedly said it was but added that he should hurry before her husband got home from work.
Day texted the teen’s cell phone that the “door’s unlocked as usual,” and investigators found Day sitting on the living room floor with the lights turned off and candles lit.
 Cell phones. What did we do without them?
The boy was 15 years old at the time, and the obvious question is why would this young woman, a university graduate employed as a professional educator, whose husband is a blond-haired, blue-eyed muscular Adonis, be sexually interested in a 15-year-old boy? She’s sitting in the living room by candlelight and the “door’s unlocked as usual.”

You see enough stories like this and you begin to wonder if molesting teenagers is the only reason women become high-school teachers. However, the weirdest part of this story is that Hunter Day’s husband seems not to care that his wife cuckolded him with a sophomore. He hasn’t divorced her and, in fact, accompanied her to a hearing in April. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison last week.

My guess is she’ll be very popular in women’s prison, where she will have many opportunities to, uh, continue her education.
If she were a man, it would be common joke what he was thinking with. Her? I imagine she liked the attention.

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