Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This Post is For the Birds

Sunday, packed up Miles and Graham, and headed for the National Aviary in Pittsburgh:

A pair of Toucans at the start of the exhibit.

 What a beak! It's a wonder they can fly!
A Steller's Sea Eagle. The size of this thing is amazing, they dwarfed the Bald Eagles in the pen next door.
The hit of the day, from Graham's point of view, was the penguin exhibit, which had a tunnel system underneath that allowed one to pop up in the midst of the penguins.

He also like the Rain Forest section, not so much for the birds, but for the water features. It seems 3 year old really don't appreciate the fine differences between different kinds of birds. But we did.

Back for a final romp in the penguin tunnel!

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