Saturday, June 29, 2019

Rule 5 Saturday - Blood and Treasure - Sophia Pernas

One of the things filling the summer "show hole" for us is the CBS show "Blood and Treasure" starring Sophia Pernas as Alexandra "Lexi" Vaziri as an Egyptian treasure thief working with ex-FBI agent Danny McNamara, played by Matt Barr, in their search for the notorious McGuffin.  Good enough for a Rule 5 post.
Sofia Pernas (born 1989) is a Moroccan-Spanish actress who currently resides in Los Angeles. She appeared in the main cast for the single season of the series The Brave, and stars as the co-lead in the series Blood & Treasure.
She moved to the United States when she was 5-years-old and grew up in Orange County. Her mother is from Morocco, while her father is from Spain, both are multilingual. As a result she speaks four languages including Arabic, English, Spanish and German. Although she initially planned a career in journalism, she was redirected to a career in modeling and acting after being scouted.
With Katia Winter, previous Rule 5 awardee

Pernas played Marisa Sierras on The Young and the Restless and appeared on the telenovela Jane the Virgin. She played the character Hannah Rivera, in the main cast of the single season of the series The Brave.
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With her stunt double, Kelly Bellini

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