Friday, June 28, 2019

Fish Pic Friday

One of the fish girls I follow on Facebook, Brooke Thomas, gave up the field, and switched to become a travel adviser, and now she's sending pictures from Cambodia and Thailand. Well, at least she hasn't given up bikinis. However, the niche is still occupied be some new fisherwomen. Now I give you Bombachelle:

Fishing Herald: Michelle Clavette is a Fishing Superstar:
Michelle Clavette is a lady angler that has been fishing since she was about six years old. She remembers that the first fish she caught was a catfish from a canal. That catfish got her addicted to the thrill of feeling the tug of the line. She is a must follow on Instagram! There is a link to her page at the end of this post.

Michelle lives in South Florida, but often goes to Bimini and other locations to pursue her passion as an angler. She simply loves living in South Florida, because it allows her so many angling possibilities so close to home. She enjoys basically being able to step out of her house and start catching fish.

Facebook: Bombchelle Fishing - Home

Bombchelle Fishing Instagram

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