Thursday, April 25, 2019

I'll Bet They Win

Barefoot with a nice one
The Snakeheads, that is. From Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Maryland Battles Northern Snakehead with Information
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is increasing its efforts to educate the public about the northern snakehead, an invasive fish found throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The department has introduced several informational videos, supplemental fact sheets and an updated webpage.

Northern snakeheads were first observed in Maryland waters in 2002, and the species gained a foothold in tidal waters. Since then it has spread to every major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay — as have stories about the species that aren’t always accurate.
Me, with a smaller one

The department relies heavily on conservation-minded anglers, armed with correct information, to help address the problem.

The videos provide general information on snakeheads, regulations and advice from an expert angler on how to target the snakehead. Links to the videos along with additional information can be found on the department’s website.

After last year's record rains, and low salinity in the Bay, I expect them to be everywhere they can live in the region.

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