Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Australian Climate Skeptic Wins Court Battle

In a huge victory for climate skeptics everywhere, Judge Salvatore Vasta finds all findings made by James Cook University, including his sacking, were all unlawful.
. . .
In May 2018, after an academic career of more than 30 years, Peter had his employment terminated as a professor of physics at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. Peter had spoken against the accepted orthodoxy that climate change was ‘killing’ the Great Barrier Reef.
There’s some absolute rubbish being spoken about the reef and people’s livelihoods are being put in jeopardy. If nobody will stand up, then this is just going to go on and on and on. It has to be stopped.
Peter’s court case has enormous implications for the international debate about climate change, and for the ongoing crisis surrounding freedom of speech.
Things aren't quite that bad in the US, yet. The bigotry is much more subtle, and yet all pervasive.

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