Thursday, April 4, 2019

A Friend Will Help You Move . . .

But a good friend will help you move bodies. Is Kelsey Turner a good friend, or does she need one? Playboy, Maxim model arrested in death of doctor found in car’s trunk
A model whose credits include Playboy Italia and Maxim has been arrested in the murder of a California doctor whose body was found in the trunk of a car outside Las Vegas earlier this month, police said.

Kelsey Turner, 25, was arrested March 21 in Stockton, California, in the death of Thomas Burchard, a 71-year-old child psychiatrist from Salinas whose body was found March 7 in an abandoned car on State Route 147, Las Vegas police announced Thursday.

Turner, who is awaiting extradition to Clark County on a murder charge, was arrested by Las Vegas detectives and members of an FBI Stockton task force.

Additional information about Turner’s arrest was not available, including how investigators connected her to the slaying, but Turner’s mother told KSBW that her daughter and Burchard had known each other for years — and Burchard even paid for a rental home in Salinas where the blond stunner lived with her mother and children.

Turner and her family lived at the home for “about a year,” a neighbor told the station.

“In fact, there were calls for police on a few occasions,” the man said.

A source told the station that Turner moved to Las Vegas after Burchard stopping paying rent on the home. Burchard, meanwhile, had met Turner online and had been giving her up to “four thousand dollars a week, easily,” the source told KSBW.

Just prior to leaving for Las Vegas, Burchard said Turner was “having trouble with her boyfriend,” who had been accused of hitting her, the source said.

“He’s abusing her and she has no money, nowhere to go,” the source told KSBW, recalling Burchard’s last words before heading to Sin City. “He says I feel partially responsible for this.”

A message seeking additional comment from Las Vegas police early Friday was not immediately returned.
A long way out on the hot crazy matrix.

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