Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Still Too Much Russiagate

Sorry, but I can't do it!

Victor Davis Hanson: "It was a coup attempt to destroy the presidency…"

Don Surber: We cannot quit because they won't quit

COMMENTARY: Time to investigate the real criminals | Las Vegas Review-Journal

NYT: The Tables Have Turned -- Time To Investigate The FBI, Steele And The Rest Of The 'Witch Hunters' | Zero Hedge

Byron York: For some Dems, breaking up with dossier is hard to do

Bob Woodward: Steele dossier appeared in draft of US intel assessment on Russian meddlingFISA Court, Woods Procedures And Carter Page · Politically Short

NYT: Steele Dossier May Have Contained Anti-Trump Disinformation Fed to Democrats By...The Russians

Russia Collusion Peddlers Will Turn on Each Other—Trump 2020 Adviser Steven Rogers - YouTube

Adam Schiff not terribly interested in finding out if Steele dossier was Russian misinformation

Breaking: Nadler's committee subpoenas Don McGahn - Hot Air

Ties to Ukrainian National a Unifying Theme in Early Attacks on Trump

Matt Gaetz: Evidence of FBI-media 'corruption' coming out before DOJ inspector general report

Ace of Spades HQ - Representative Gaetz: Evidence That FBI Agents Were Paid Off by the Media For Leaks Will Surface Ahead of the Official DOJ Inspector General Report

Clintonworld stews over Mueller report - POLITICO

Louie Gohmert on Mueller: 'This Is Not a Good Man' | Breitbart

Mueller Report: Trump’s Opponents and the Governing Class | National Review

MSNBC Criticized for ‘Ambush’ of Robert Mueller After Easter Church Service

Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories continue

The Mueller’s Report Active and Passive Idiots – Gary Gindler Chronicles

The Last Tradition: Chris Wallace vs. Rudy Giuliani On Obstruction: "You Do Not Apply A Standard Of Exoneration To Anyone"

Inside special counsel Robert S. Mueller's III long hunt to uncover whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia - The Washington Post

The Belated Admission of Media Error : The Other McCain

Dershowitz: Media Gets "F" Grade On Mueller Coverage, CNN Chose To Trust Avenatti Over Me | Video | RealClearPolitics

The Liberal Media Mentioned ‘Impeachment’ 309 Times in the 24 Hours After the Mueller Report. CNN and MSNBC Were the Worst Offenders

Barr's reputation as battered as Trump's after botched Mueller rollout

Althouse: "Democrats are singularly obsessed with finding something they can use to damage the President politically."

Nadler: Obstruction Is an Impeachable Offense, If Proven

Laurence Tribe: Mueller report an 'invitation' to impeach Trump ‘that Congress shouldn't refuse’

Nadler and Schiff lead Democrats into political oblivion

In The Mailbox: 04.22.19 : The Other McCain

JustOneMinute: Send Better Watchdogs

Mueller report creates new headache for Nancy Pelosi

Impeachment is the wrong way to beat Trump - Hot Air

Live Blog | April 22, 2019 06:53:03 | PJ Media

THE NEW REFORM CLUB: Twitter, Lawfare, and Conlawprof

Avenatti accused of embezzling nearly $2 million that NBA player paid ex-girlfriend - Los Angeles Times

Michael Avenatti accused of stealing almost $2M from girlfriend of NBA player

Ace of Spades HQ - Avenatti Accused by Grand Jury of Lying to Another Client, Claiming a $2 Million Settlement Hadn't Been Paid, and Using That $2 Million for Himself to Go Sharsies on a... Private Jet

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