Saturday, April 27, 2019

Russiagate: The Day Collusion Died

Continuing the story of how Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were planning on cultivate a mole in the Trump White House, a suspect has been identified. Sara Carter, FBI Texts Show Agents Discussed Recruiting White House Sources To Spy For Bureau
The texts and sources reveal that Strzok had one significant contact within the White House – Vice President Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock, whose wife was working as an analyst for Strzok on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server. A senior White House official told this news site that Pitcock’s wife recused herself from the Clinton investigation as soon as Pence and Trump became the Republican nominees in July 2016. A senior law enforcement official also told that Pitcock’s wife no longer worked under Strzok after she recused herself from the Clinton investigation.

However, the text messages uncovered from November, 2016 and have left questions lingering about the relationship between Strzok, Pitcock and his wife among congressional investigators and lawmakers.
The Victory Girls in The Obama Administration’s Problem With Spying And Trump point a finger at Rod Rosenstein:

WaPoo had major story on Rod yesterday, Rosenstein fires back at critics over Mueller report
“Last week, the big topic of discussion was: ‘What were you thinking when you stood behind Bill Barr at that press conference, with a deadpan expression?’ The answer is: I was thinking, “My job is to stand here with a deadpan expression.’ ”

The audience applauded.

“Can you imagine if I did anything other than stand there at the press conference? Imagine the reaction and the commentary if I had smiled or grimaced,” Rosenstein said. “But you cannot avoid criticism. The only way you can avoid criticism in public service is if you stay home. But somebody actually has to do the work, and therefore you have to accept the criticism that comes with the job.”
Talk about a high bar, Twitchy,  ‘Whoa’! Rod Rosenstein’s new info about Russia & the 2016 election makes Obama & Comey look even worse. Sundance at CTH, Chaff and Countermeasures – The DC Outrage Traps…
What they don’t want to discuss is the origination of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ in July 2016. What they don’t want to discuss is Fusion-GPS and the creation of the Steele Dossier. What they don’t want to discuss is how the fraudulent premise was established.

What they don’t want to discuss is the exploitation of the NSA database for political surveillance. That’s what they don’t want to discuss… And every time attention starts to head in that direction, they’ll throw out another entirely justifiable headline-grabbing detail of their post election activity.
Rep. Ratcliffe: Comey, Yates, McCabe & Rosenstein Caught Lying on FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump

Mollie Hemingway, Da Federalist, Comey’s Memos Indicate Dossier Briefing Of Trump Was A Setup. They also indicate that he's a liar and a sneak.  BizPac, ‘Going to be a bombshell’: DiGenova gets specific over alleged FISA abuse, ‘not going to need 1 lawyer, going to need 5’.
“John Brennan isn’t going to need one lawyer. He’s going to need five,” he said specifically of Brennan while speaking on “The Ingraham Angle” with guest host Mike Huckabee.

Why? Because of the role he’d allegedly played in crafting the viral Russian collusion narrative. In January of 2017, Brennan and Comey briefed President Donald Trump about the Steele dossier. This briefing was then used as a pretext by the media to publish the dossier in full.
Maybe the Michaels, Cohen and Avenatti can help.

Get yer foreign collusion here! John Solomon at Da Hill, How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost, featuring Joe Biden keeping the Ukrainians off his son, as well as Bruce and Nellie Ohr. Sundance at CTH explains The Obama Use of FISA-702 as a Domestic Political Surveillance Program…., with some new fresheners!

WaEx, Carter Page is publishing the Mueller report. Here's the introduction he wrote and   Carter Page says Mueller is worse than Mussolini, Saddam, and Gadhafi. A bit of hyperbole, but I get his point.

Keeping obstruction hope alive, WaPoo, Stymied by aides, Trump sought out loyalist to curtail special counsel — and drew Mueller’s glare. It must be great to have a job where, when the boss accuses you of doing a bad job, you can attempt to prosecute him for a felony obstruction. When reasonable prosecutors disagree as to whether an act is a crime, their reasonable boss tells them they can't prosecute. Allah at Hot Air, Report: Two Mueller Prosecutors Told Federal Agents They Thought Trump Obstructed Justice By Pressuring Comey To Go Easy On Flynn. Even though he had the right to outright pardon him.

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