Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cause for Fish Kill Found - Stupid Fish

The Maryland Department of Environment has identified the possible cause of two fish kills that occurred in the mid-bay this month, and the cause of two more is still under investigation, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The 50 dead fish found at Terrapin Park on Kent Island and the 30 found at Quiet Waters Park off the South River in the last eight days were likely stranded in a tidal pond, said Jay Apperson, spokesman for the department said in an email. He said it is a scenario typical of the species found, Atlantic menhaden.

“Atlantic menhaden are basically an open water species that do not maneuver well in confined areas,” he said. “We can only speculate as to why the school decided to enter the tidal pond intake, which is not preferred habitat.”

Striped bass might have driven them into it, he said. Investigators believe the fish were stranded when the tide went back out. He said similar incidents have been documented in the bay during the past 35 years.
I blogged the fish kill the other day, so I feel obliged to blog the conclusion.

Fish aren't that smart. I trick them all the time.

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