Thursday, August 22, 2019

Beach Report 8/22/19

Skye and I took off pretty early for today's walk, in an attempt to beat the heat. On the way, we ran into "Spots" again, munching on some leave from a tree downed in the thunderstorm 2 days ago. The little guy needs to learn some fear of big dogs if he expects to grow up, although I think Skye was oblivious to his presence. Pretty good camo!
 Looking good.
We walked way up the beach to Western Shores, thanks to a good low tide. There's a fair group of Great Egrets hanging about, along with the usual GBH.

Pretty good spread of shell hash, and we got over 50 shark's teeth (Georgia caught up with us on the way back), but nothing really remarkable or picture worthy.
A Variegated Fritillary in the dunes. They seem pretty common in the last week or so.
A ways up the beach, this yellow composite flower is in bloom, mixed in with the Kudzu, and it's very attractive to the Eastern Tiger Swallowtails. Jerusalem Artichoke seems like a pretty good guess. I should dig around the bases and see if they have tubers.

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