Saturday, August 24, 2019

Plans for Plans to Rebuild James, Barren Islands Announced

Part of what's left of James Island
We knew it was coming; they have to put that mud from Baltimore Harbor somewhere, and they were on the short list. 2 Eroded Islands In Chesapeake Bay To Be Restored With The Help Of Federal, Local Agencies
Two eroded islands in the Chesapeake Bay will be restored with clean sediment.

James and Barren islands off the coast of Dorchester County will be restored with the help of a joint effort with the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District.
Looking across Barren Island to the first Bridge to Nowhere
James Island, or what's left of us, is barely visible straight across the Bay from us, while Barren Island is about 10 miles further south on the Eastern Shore.
“In order to support the economic giant that is the Port of Baltimore, we need to continually dredge our shipping channels to accommodate the massive ships that are carrying more cargo than ever before,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “This important dredging project will also help us stem the tide of erosion to preserve James and Barren Islands and protect Dorchester County residents from additional shoreline erosion.”

James Island will get dredged sediment from the Chesapeake channels that lead to the Port of Baltimore, while Barren Island will be getting sediment from nearby slow-draft channels. A total of 2,144 across will be restored.

“This agreement between Maryland and the Corps of Engineers shows how we can work together effectively to benefit the economy and communities and preserve our bay,” Governor Hogan said. “I want to thank the Corps of Engineers, stakeholders, citizens, and everyone who played a role in making this possible.”

The 4-year, $9 million engineering and design phase will begin this year — using 65 percent federal funding and 35 percent of state funding.
Thanks, ya'll! I expect them to make some good fishing structure in the process, the way they have with Poplar Island. I only hope I'm still young enough to take advantage of it.

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