Sunday, August 18, 2019

Beach Report

Skye and I took another long walk up the beach this morning. It's hot and sticky, mid 80s, although a good south breeze came up on the return leg, which helped quite a bit.
Something we don't see everyday here, a Great Heron (as opposed to a Great Blue Heron, which are a dime a dozen, if not still magnificent stately birds). Yellow bill, black legs. They used to be called Common Herons, at least in my Golden Book, but I guess that was just too common. We see them often on the other side of the bay, I don't know why they seem to be rarer over here.
 I got a pretty good shot when he flew past.
 A Cloudless Sulphur puddling.
From yesterday, Georgia catching up to us up in the downed trees above Matoaka Cottages.

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