Thursday, August 8, 2019

Trump Supporters Clean Baltimore, Sun Whines

Baltimore Sun Attacks Trump Supporter Who Organized Massive City Clean Up
Last week, Townhall covered MAGA supporter Scott Presler's call to action in Baltimore by inviting "Americans to help Americans" and go clean up neighborhoods in Charm City. Presler at first kept secret when the event would occur for fear of retaliation from the far-left like Antifa. But, on Saturday, Presler and 100 other citizens from all over the country traveled to West Baltimore for the massive trash clean up. By all measures, it was hugely successful. However, on Monday, the Baltimore Sun's editorial board ran an op-ed, trashing Presler and his group saying they only did the event to embarrass Baltimore and its residents.

The op-ed was snarkily titled, "We assume it was pure motives that led a Trump supporter to launch a cleanup in Cummings’ district, right?"
Of course, it's a mere drop in the bucket in Baltimore's problems, but it demonstrates that all it takes to clean up a town is willing people, which are apparently lacking in Baltimore's populace and leadership.
"The effort was organized by pro-Trump activist Scott Presler. He claimed the event was not political. Yes, he was inspired to come by tweets from President Donald Trump describing the area, represented by U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, as a 'rodent infested mess,'" the editors wrote. "But the visit wasn’t about showing support or animosity for either man, he said."

"Call us skeptical," the paper remarked before going off on a litany of excuses, complaints, and verbal attacks as to why it was so wrong for out of towners to clean up the city.

"Look, we appreciate anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves to help Baltimore. More than 170 people came from all over the country and cleaned up nearly 12 tons of trash, according to Mr. Presler’s Twitter feed." the paper claimed.

"But if this was all about 'Americans helping Americans,' why all the videos of Baltimore residents thanking Mr. Trump for bringing attention to the issue? We happen to know that not everybody in West Baltimore feels that way. And in the same posts as the videos, why the frequent reminders that this is in act Mr. Cummings’ district?," the editors pondered.

Of course it was a political statement, you asses! But you Baltimorons made it all possible with your own neglect. So wallow in it! Then, the Sun went on to blame the drug dealers:
But as for why the trash hasn't been cleaned up before, the editorial board blamed it on death threats from criminals, saying, "Does Mr. Presler know that drug dealers use trash to hide their product and have been known to threaten people who try to clean it up? The solutions are just not that simple." The paper also blamed people from out of town who dump trash in the city illegally.
Right, I routinely drive into the dangerous areas in Baltimore to throw my trash in sketchy alleys when I can simply drive it two miles to the local transfer station paid for by my own county. /sarc

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