Monday, August 26, 2019

Russiagate Miscellaneous Monday

. . . Just a bizarre story all the way around.

When this Crossfire OP needed live body Russians to put in place to support the appearance of Russians infiltrating the election what do they do? Brennan calls in foreign assets to make an appearance to give just the appearance of foreign actors, yet no real substance.

Simply for reference here is what Mueller charged Butina with, not that it has to do with any of this Byrne is talking about.

Weissmann and company screwed this girl badly . . . 
From Larwyn's Linx, the QOTD:
From Roger Kimball at AmGreat, Andrew McCabe’s Unjust Deserts. "There really is not enough contempt to go around for these creeps."  McCabe needs jail time.

From sundance at CTH, Carter Page Discusses His CIA and FBI Role With Maria Bartiromo….

It never made sense that U.S. Person Carter Page was an FBI witness from 2013 through to March/May 2016 and yet in October 2016, to achieve a FISA warrant, the FBI called him an agent of a foreign government. [FISA APPLICATION]

It never made sense until we realized the FBI didn’t use Carter Page to gain a FISA warrant (that was an outcropping); the FBI used Carter Page to get the Steele Dossier into official investigative status. What they needed was the Dossier, Page was irrelevant other than he checked all the boxes needed to fabricate the illusion of “an agent of a foreign power.”
. . .
All of this was done just to attach the dossier to a target. The target just needed to fit a profile with enough Russian contacts so the dossier could stick. That target was Carter Page. The FBI and DOJ didn’t care about Carter Page, what they wanted was the dossier.

As soon as they got the Special Counsel appointed, the dossier became the material to start the investigation of Trump… and all the names in the dossier (Manafort, Flynn etc).

Because they always knew there was no material substance to the dossier, the goal of the investigation was to get President Trump to obstruct it/them. All of the provocative action by the special counsel team was intended to provoke President Trump into taking action that could be defined as obstruction.
Jerry Dunleavy, WaEx, Court told of plot by former top Obama lawyer to plant 'credible' article in New York Times to help Ukraine
Rick Gates, the former business partner of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, has testified that former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig helped spin a report in the media on behalf of the Kremlin-linked Ukrainian government.

The Justice Department’s case against Craig, 74, stems from Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation. It focuses on the public relations work performed for Ukraine by Craig and the law firm he worked for — Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom — throughout 2012.
. . .
Craig is charged with misleading investigators about his role promoting the report at the behest of the Ukrainian government. The "scheme" relates to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which mandates anyone working on behalf of a foreign government register with DOJ.

Gates detailed the plan to “seed” the report with a trusted journalist before it was released, claiming “most of the other reporters would follow the first article.” Gates said the overall plan was a “living breathing document” but “the strategy never changed about seeding the report.”
A panel at Australia's Sky News discusses the New York Times pivot to racism after the Mueller bust. The New York Times admits 'it wants to get Trump'. Nothing really new here, but is sounds better with an Aussie accent, and it good that notice of this is taking place overseas. I'd embed it if I could figure out how.

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