Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Reaching to Russiagate

Seems like it picking up again, because Epstein is still dead. From Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Lindsey Graham Predicts FISA Abuse Report Will Be ‘Ugly And Damning’ For DOJ, FBI
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said he expects the inspector general’s report into FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign will be “ugly and damning” for the agency and the Department of Justice.

“I want it all out. I want people to see how off the rails this investigation got, and I want people to be held accountable,” Graham said in an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.”

But Capt. Ed at Hot Air warns:
With that said, though, Republicans run the risk of setting expectations too high. Thus far no one’s really sure what the IG will find, not even Graham. Could this have been a political hit from the start by a corrupt Obama administration, FBI, and intelligence community? Sure, but it might be a lot less than that; it might be that a few people let their political biases cloud their judgment and then everything else rolled downhill into a disaster of incompetence more than malice. Furthermore, an IG at the DoJ may not have the scope or jurisdiction to determine much more past that possibility, not unless people suddenly decided to get very loquacious about any potential conspiracy all of a sudden after years of guarded tongues.

Democrats just experienced the impact of promising an outcome at length only to have the official findings yank the rug out from under their conspiracy theories. Republicans might want to start thinking about shaping public perception early to keep from having to explain away any potential letdown on the Right when Horowitz finally speaks.
My expectations are always the worst. Sundance at CTH  warns of Assisted Suicide Avoidance – John Brennan Intel Asset Joseph Mifsud “Gave Audio Tape Deposition Before Going Into Hiding”…
According to an interview granted by the lawyer for intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud to journalist John Solomon, professor Mifsud admitted to being a western intelligence asset who was part of a CIA intelligence “operation” against candidate Donald Trump in March 2016.

Yes, stop and read that introductory paragraph again….

Solomon notes that an audio-taped deposition exists from Joseph Mifsud prior to going into hiding after the 2016 Presidential election. From the description it sounds like Mifsud anticipated his assisted suicide and recorded a deposition as leverage against his unwanted demise.

And some followups on the ongoing Clinton email scandal via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.19.19. First, from the Victory Girls, Media Ignores New Facts In Hillary Clinton Emails Case
The media is working overtime to ignore newly declassified information showing that Patrick Combetta of Platte River Networks created a Google gmail account and sent Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 plus emails, many of them classified, to it.

According to the new information via The Daily Caller, the FBI found that a gmail account, CarterHeavyIndustries@gmail.com was set up by Paul Combetta. He then forwarded all her emails from her 2010 laptop to that account. In other words, all of Hillary’s emails INCLUDING CLASSIFIED emails were wandering about Google servers for who knows how long!

If the name Paul Combetta seems familiar, it should be. This is the guy who refused to testify in front of Congress, and pleaded the 5th instead. This is the guy who, while under scrutiny by the FBI, applied BleachBit to Hillary’s servers and misled the FBI on numerous occasions.

The laptop of Hillary’s that he used to migrate all her emails to the gmail account while supposedly migrating all her stuff to the new server is nowhere to be found.

Something else fishy about all of this new evidence that has come to light. It wasn’t the FBI that discovered all of this. No, it was Charles McCollough, the Intelligence Community Inspector General and the investigator on his team, Frank Rucker.

When they took everything to the FBI and presented it to Peter Strzok, did the investigation go any further? Nope. Strzok didn’t seem to care about the new information, and as we know James Comey told us – ‘nothing to see here, move along.’


Is the media covering this? Other than Fox News, they aren’t. Oh wait, CNN did. But they are telling us that this is no big deal and no, China didn’t hack Hillary’s emails at all. You see, James Comey told everyone that there wasn’t any “direct evidence that China hacked Hillary’s emails.” Did they dig deeper to find out of there were stealthier intrusions into her servers? Did the FBI dig into the CarterHeavyIndustries gmail account to find out if China had snuck into the files? Not that anyone can tell. Furthermore, the actual email address used is suspicious because it mirrors the name of a major Chinese company that happens to be based in a province well known for housing multiple hacking schools. But sure, tell us again that China didn’t try to get into Hillary’s emails and servers?

The entire report with the new information from Senator Chuck Grassley’s office is worth your time to read.
And from Joe for America, Explosive New Report: China Has All Of Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. Emails. How Many American Lives Were Lost? Probably not that many. She was pretty much a figurehead at State. Obama gave her the job to keep her out of trouble. Most of her "lost" emails are probably Clinton "Foundation" business that would have provided the Chinese and other hackers with a rich source of blackmail material against the wannabe President.

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