Saturday, June 1, 2019

Russiagate: Bill Barr is My Hero

Permit me to echo Stacy McCain: How Much Do I Love Bill Barr?
Let me put it this way: Although I strongly disapprove of homosexuality, our Attorney General makes me feel like a Log Cabin Republican, because gosh, I just love this guy that much. If loving Bill Barr is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The reason for my deep man-crush, of course, is the interview The Love-God of Justice™ did with Jan Crawford of CBS News. How good is it? Obscenely good. Pornographically good. So good, you’ll feel guilty for how much you enjoy it. Ace of Spades provides an annotated transcript, which should be narrated by Barry White with the Love Unlimited Orchestra doing the background music.
I read Ace's extended summary last night, and the first thing I did this morning was to listen to the whole thing. You should too; the guy is awesome. I'll say this for Trump, if an underling isn't working out he isn't afraid to fire him and get a new one. Barr is the AG we need now, and we should damned happy to have him. I agree with Elizabeth Vaughn at Red State, The Fabulous William Barr, The Right Man At The Right Moment.

Other articles focused on specific things Barr said in the interview: Allahpundit at Hot Air, Bill Barr: I Personally Feel Mueller Could Have Reached A Decision On Obstruction, Tim Hains at RCP, Barr: "Resisting A Democratically Elected President" Is Destroying Our Norms And Institutions, Not Trump. Ace, Did Robert Mueller Claim That If Not for the OLC Guidance Against Indicting a President, He Would Have Found That Trump Committed the Crime of Obstruction? No, he did not. Jerry Dunleavy, WaEx, Breaking with Trump, Barr doesn’t think DOJ or FBI committed treason 'as a legal matter'. Only sedition.

More on Mueller from Bonchie at Red State, Mueller Backtracks On Presser, Tries To Clarify Matters In Joint Statement With Bill Barr. Without a script from Weissman, he doesn't know what to say. At RCP, Mark Levin: Given Mueller's "Orchestrated" Spiel, He Would Not Do Well Under Republican Questioning. Michael Goodwin at NYPo, America left to face the nasty consequences of Robert Mueller’s actions and says Senate must call Robert Mueller to testify: Ask for documents, emails, give him 'the Trump treatment'. At Hot Air, Capt. Ed reports that Giuliani: We’d Love Mueller To Testify After That Statement. NYT, cited by MSN(bc), Analysis: Mueller Delivered a Message. Washington Couldn’t Agree on What It Was. William L. Gensert at AmThink, Mueller Tried to Entrap Trump. I think so, too. Peggy Noonan at WSJ proposes an Impeachment Alternative in the wake of Mueller’s Exit. A resolution of censure, which will meet an equal fate. House votes yes, Senate votes no. H.A. Goodman at WaEx claims John Durham Needs To Investigate Why The Info Generating The Mueller Probe Is All Linked To Hillary Clinton, and hopefully he will. H.R, Gurdon, WaEx, Noticing the elephant in the special counsel's office. Look at the origins of his own probe. S. Noble, Where are Republicans, media? What about presumption of innocence?

Scott Moorefield at Da Caller, ‘Turning The Rule Of Law On Its Head’ — Judicial Watch President Calls For Investigation Of Robert Mueller.

Capt. Ed, Trump: Mueller’s A True Never Trumper Who Begged To Be My FBI Director, Or Something. Maybe, maybe not.

On to "Spygate". Ace, Representative Doug Collins Thinks the FBI Leaker Referenced Anonymously in a Recent OIG Dispatch Is None Other Than Peter Strzok, DOJ Release Redacted Michael Flynn Documents. DOJ declined to prosecute. John Sexton at Hot Air reports: British National Security Officials Warned That Steele’s Collusion Claim Was Not Credible. Adam Mill at AmGreat makes The Case for Prosecuting Comey and Brennan. Irony alert at Da Caller, Hillary Clinton To Give Keynote Speech At Cyber Security Summit, proving you can always serve as a bad example. She has no shame.

AP, Ex-Roger Stone aide testifies on WikiLeaks before grand jury and didn't know about any links between Roger Stone and Wikileaks. Another dry hole for Mueller's team.
Miller said he fought the subpoena for nearly a year because he is a “strong libertarian.”

“I believe that you’ve got to push back on our government when they’re trying to demand to travel across the country to sit with them on a whim, miss work and miss your family,” he said outside the courthouse.
The Dersh at Breitbart, Impeachment Is ‘Kiss of Death for Democrats’ in 2020. Insty cites the WSJ's DAVID RIVKIN & ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY: Congress Can’t Outsource Impeachment: Democrats want to use Mueller’s probe as cover to oust Trump. They need to bring their own facts and charges so the public can hold them accountable.

Misc from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.31.19, American Greatness: Barr Says “Small Group At The Top” Directed Investigation Into “Bogus” Collusion, Power Line: Barr Speaks, and Mark Steyn: A Jury Of Prosecutors

He probably didn't mean to say it quite this way, Trump: I Had Nothing To Do With Russia Helping Me To Get Elected (Allahpundit).

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