Wednesday, January 2, 2019

RIP: Ray Sawyer, Aka Dr. Hook

I have a Dr. Hook album in my music collection. When the randomization demon brings up one of their songs, it always makes me smile.

Now that's deep!

Wombat-socho has Rule Five Tuesday up at The Other McCain.

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  1. The mainstream media is finally starting to run the article about the Trump supporter college student who got kicked out of medical school at the University of Virginia for publicly debating with a far-left SJW communist professor. Here are two new ones:

    Someone also took the time to type up a transcript of the events which happened:

    Reddit is freaking out about the story too, of course. 1000s of comments on these threads:

    This story, known as MedGate, has the potential to create a mass public outcry against our far left college system, and thus cause real damage to the student debt loan bubble.