Saturday, January 12, 2019

Rule 5 Saturday - Hawt for SWAT

This week for Rule 5 Saturday we're featuring the girls of S.W.A.T, the recent CBS show that is a successor to the old S.W.A,T., even using the same theme music. I mostly considered it as a vehicle for showing off Shemar Moore's gleaming muscles, as Hondo Harrelson the new head of the S.W.A.T. squad. The plot ain't all that, but at least they have a couple of cute girls.

First, Stephanie Sigman plays Jessica Cortez as ADA and Hondo's sometimes love interest.

Stephanie Sigman is a Mexican-American actress. Her breakthrough role was in the 2011 crime drama film Miss Bala. She has gone on to appear in Pioneer (2013), Spectre (2015), Going Under (2016), and Annabelle: Creation (2017). On television, Sigman starred as Valeria Vélez in the first and second seasons of Netflix crime thriller, Narcos (2015). Sigman was born in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, to a Mexican mother and an American father, Lee Sigman, a New York Yankees scout from Kansas. She is a U.S. citizen through her father.
Next, we have Lina Esco as Christina "Chris" Alonso, the only woman on the S.W.A.T. squad, a  competitive somewhat butch bisexual bad ass.

Lina Esco is an American actress, producer, director and activist. She gained recognition in 2007 for portraying Jimmy Smits' character's daughter in the CBS television drama Cane. Esco has also performed in films, including London (2005), Kingshighway (2010), LOL(2012), and Free the Nipple (2014).
Of more interest, possibly, is her involvement in the Free the Nipple campaign, in which she is a founder and whole-hearted acting supporter (NSFW links).
Esco may be best known for how involved she is in women's rights and the Free the Nipple campaign. The organization, as Esco states, is to promote sexual equality. Free the Nipple has attracted attention from numerous celebrities including Courtney Love and Miley Cyrus, who also has a song on the soundtrack of the Free the Nipple movie and continues to strongly support the organization.
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