Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Barely Any Russiagate

The Covington Kids used up all the oxygen. But then, I'm ready to see this fade.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air: It May Not Be The GOP Wanting To Block The Release Of The Mueller Report
Sure, it’s possible that Mueller has come up with some sort of smoking gun that could take Donald Trump down. But if he had the goods I’m fairly sure it would have been on the front page of the Gray Lady by now. Let’s just say for a moment that he doesn’t, though. And this is still a very real possibility. Let’s just imagine that Mueller finds that the Russian election meddling was largely just a bunch of fake Facebook accounts spreading fake videos. Maybe a few efforts at getting some of their people inside that basically failed.

Let us imagine that pretty much everything Mueller has dug up consists of some Trump campaign personnel who turned out to be tax cheats and money launderers before joining the campaign. Maybe some of them wound up talking to some Russian or another, with nothing coming of it, but then they panicked and lied about it. And at the top of the food chain, suppose there’s absolutely nothing tying the President to any collusion or other illegal activity beyond having no idea how to run a political campaign.

What then? First of all, the Democrats aren’t going to want to see a full release of a report that actually exonerates the President. But beyond that, if Mueller’s net comes up empty of anything but small fish, that means that the rest of the details of the investigation are up for grabs. How did this whole thing start? What involvement may there have been with the, ahem… previous administration? Were there perhaps politics invovled? So many questions and so many possible answers lurking in the details behind that investigation.

Unless Mueller delivers a smoking gun which sets the President on a course for destruction (and it would be shocking beyond belief if such a thing existed and it hadn’t been leaked already), the Democrats really might not want the entire bag emptied. They have no idea what may be at the bottom of it and it could backfire on them seriously.
CNN: Giuliani tries to clean up comments about Trump Tower Moscow. Da Hill: Giuliani says his comments on Trump Tower talks were 'hypothetical'
"My recent statements about discussions during the 2016 campaign between Michael Cohen and then-candidate Donald Trump about a potential Trump Moscow 'project' were hypothetical and not based on conversations I had with the President," Giualni said in a statement shared by many reporters on social media.

I sometimes wonder if Giuliani has been read into Trump's winning through chaos strategy.

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