Monday, January 14, 2019

Reign of Pain - Shutdown Fever!

Longest (partial) government shutdown ever! 24 days. AP, Trump tweets into the void as shutdown sets record. Shouldn't we scale the shutdown by the actual amount of the government that's shut down. So 24 days times 0.3 is about 8. Let's call it an 8 day nominal shut down. CNN Government shutdown negotiations appear frozen in place. Well, it does take 2 parties to negotiate and the Democrats have been down in Puerto Rico, soaking up the sun. WaEx: 30 Democrats in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists for weekend despite shutdown.

At least she looks of legal age.

Axios: Behind the scenes: Mass confusion on how to end the shutdown. I don't understand. It's easy, Demcrats give $5.7 billion for the wall.  Yougov: Americans are losing patience with the shutdown, but a majority of those who support the wall would be willing to let the shutdown last two weeks or more.  Mark Penn: Voters want RESULTS not resistance from new Democratic majority. Well, then, voters are stupid! David Graham in the Atlantic: Why Hasn’t Trump Folded? Since taking office, the president has often blinked during difficult negotiations. His surprising decision to hold firm now has made this the longest shutdown in history. Trump may not have many core beliefs, but this is one of them, and it's why many people voted for him.

'Do It All, Including the Wall': Obama-Era Border Chief Hits Back at 'Absurd' Border Wall Arguments
Mark Morgan, who led the U.S. Border Patrol during Barack Obama's presidency, said Saturday that he's in total agreement with President Trump's proposed border wall.

Morgan echoed President Trump's message to America by saying the current situation at the southern border is a "national security and humanitarian crisis." He said on Cavuto Live that the same language about border security from President Trump was used in years prior to his presidency on both sides of the aisle.

"It's absurd, the arguments that are being made right now," he said. He said that, starting in 2014, the demographics of the people coming across the U.S. border started to change. "Meaning, we saw an influx in family units and unaccompanied minors," Morgan said. "It was then, also, across the aisle on both sides that referred to that as a humanitarian crisis."

He added that "nothing has changed" regarding governmental strategy on border security for years.
Yesterday, Lindsey Graham urged Trump to open US government temporarily. Today, Graham: Trump’s Willing To “Do A Wall-Plus,” So Let’s Reopen Gov’t To Negotiate It. I wonder what he'll say tomorrow.

CNN: Washington Post: 30 federal workers accidentally paid despite shutdown before money is clawed back. A trivial error on the scale of the shutdown, but plenty irritating when it happens to you.

So this one is funny: ‘I’m no QUITTER’! Sean Spicier tweets about Dems lounging in PR during shutdown, Elizabeth Warren, plus fed workers and Lefties SPAZ. If you're not in the know, "Sean Spicier" is a parody twitter account. The real guy is Sean Spicer, remember?

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