Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Reason #6990 That Trump Was Elected

Dana at Never-Trumper Patterico's,: Previously Deported Sexual Predator Sentenced To 401 Years For Crimes Against Young Girls
Whether one calls it a “wall” or a “barrier,” it’s obvious that something needs to be done to enhance security at our porous Southern border because it’s far too easy for illegal aliens deported for a prior conviction to cross back into the U.S. and commit even more heinous crimes. You may say: Well, heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens don’t happen that often. To which I would say to you: Even one crime that is heinous in nature is one too many, and we should not have to put up with it and we should be doing everything possible to prevent that criminal illegal alien from re-entering the U.S. at all costs. And if erecting more walls or barriers is part of that prevention, how can it be argued against and called immoral? Or is the devastation wrought by one deported criminal alien not enough to budge a political heart of stone? :
A California judge sentenced a man to serve 401 years to life in prison for numerous violent sex crimes.
On December 4, a jury found Macario Cerda, 39, guilty of three counts of forcible rape, one count of kidnapping to commit rape, one count of criminal threats, and seven counts of lewd acts upon a child under the age of fourteen.
According to court records, Cerda, while in a relationship with the victim’s mother, forced the girl into his van, drove her to a remote location and raped her in 2013. When Cerda temporarily exited the van, documents say the victim jumped into the driver’s seat and drove away.
Cerda was later arrested by Tulare County Sheriff’s deputies.
During an investigation, it was discovered the victim had also been raped by Cerda when she was a minor in 2010, which resulted in the pregnancy and birth of a baby.
The victim’s younger sister also stated that Cerda had raped and abused her when she was a child.
According to court documents, Cerda has been deported before and returned within five months where he committed these crimes soon after.
For Godsake, what does it say about our immigration system and lack of border security that one of the young rape victims was compelled to plead to the court that which is so painfully obvious and to our great shame:
“[N]ever grant him any possibility at being deported because he has crawled his way back into the States illegally way too many times.”
Yet another criminal alien unlawfully entered the U.S. shortly after having been deported and wreaked vile havoc on two young sisters, doing untold damage to them and forever changing the course of their lives. Crimes, particularly those which are so unspeakable, are crimes that should never have happened because illegal aliens like Macario Cerda should not have been here in the first place.
Patterico was one of my go-to bloggers  for a long time, but he fell under the Never-Trump spell and it's been a struggle to bother ever since, although I do keep him on my blog-roll. Does this mean he's coming around?

I would say "where is that spark of divinity" that Nancy Pelosi insists that criminal illegal aliens posses, but Wikipedia suggests a long list of ancient gods with a penchant for forcible fornication.

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