Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Covington Coverage

I gotta get rid of this stuff, but I can't (or at least won't) do this line by line with commentary. Hopefully this will die soon, and Covington and its high school students can get back to their well earned obscurity. Find the ones that you like.

Media Doubles Down with Covington Catholic High School Smear

Good, Bad & Ugly: How the Media Covered False Smear of Covington Kids

Journalists and Celebs Rush to Delete Tweets Slamming MAGA-Hat Kids

Joy Behar: We jumped to conclusions about the Covington Catholic kids because we desperately want Trump out of office

Kathy Griffin Falsely Accuses Covington Catholic Basketball Players of Throwing Up 'Nazi Sign'

If You Still Think Nick Sandmann’s Smile Is Proof of Racism, You’re Seeing What You Want to See - Hit & Run :

Althouse: "Are you really trying to write one of your pretend-evenhanded, both-sides-do-it, 'let’s all get together and learn something' columns about this incident?'"

The Disgraceful Covington Catholic Pile-On | Trending

The High School Deplorables - WSJ

Lawyer For Covington Kids Threatens To Sue NYT For 'Obvious Libel'; People Line Up To Help | Daily Wire

Shut up and eat on Twitter: "“Respect the Parkland kids, they’re minors.” Also: “Let’s kill this kid, punch him in the face, put him through a wood chipper, doxx his family, and make death threats to his school”"

BREAKING: Covington Kids Going To The White House | Daily Wire

After Covington Catholic controversy, Nathan Phillips rally attempted to disrupt basilica Mass

No, Tribal Elder Nathan Phillips is Not a Vietnam Vet

Nathan Phillips Vietnam Veteran status in question - Washington Times

Surprise: Nathan Philips, Allegedly a "Marine Recon Ranger" (Because That's a Thing That Really Exists), Seems to Have a History of Confronting White Students and Then Claiming He Was Racially Assaulted

Nathan Phillips: Native American drummer speaks on the MAGA-hat-wearing teens who surrounded him - The Washington Post

‘Doesn’t REALLY add up’: Tweep’s thread on Nathan Phillips’ claims of Vietnam service will make you go HMMMMM –

Cleanup time: Indian Country Today ‘adjusts’ Nathan Phillips’ Vietnam anecdote in 2008 article –

Nathan Phillips Refuses Offer to Meet With Covington Kids Because They "Stole His Narrative"

Nathan Phillips's Interview With CNN Is Full of Falsehoods, Inconsistencies, and Nonsense | National Review

This is Exactly Right

LOL: No One's Accepting National Review's Newest Partial Apology So They Decide to Forgive Themselves Instead

Retired SEAL: Nathan Phillips Not a Vietnam Vet - He Was a Mechanic Who Went AWOL THREE TIMES

The Morning Report - 1/22/19

The Covington incident: activism, and how to provoke and shape a story – The New Neo

NBC will broadcast its interview with Nick Sandmann tomorrow and many on the left are furious

John Hayward on Twitter: "Trump will be criticized for wading into the issue and "making it worse," but this is one of the reasons he won. He gets involved in culture battles when bloodless GOP protocol is to step back and let the Left have another easy win, or even help them to win their favor.…"

Instapundit » Blog Archive » ALEX POURNELLE ON FACEBOOK: I was lectured, from a position of great moral advantage, about how t…

Even After the Proof that the Covington Kids Were Smeared Is Well-Known, Hugh Hewitt is Still Demanding They Be Lectured for... Something

America's First Documented Hatcrime

God Save Us from #Woke Fake Conservatives

Stop trusting viral videos - Hot Air

Althouse: "Twitter suspends account behind video of Native American’s standoff with teens."

In The Mailbox: 01.22.19 : The Other McCain

Exclusive Interview: Rep. Thomas Massie Stands Up for Covington Catholic Students - Big League Politics

The Right Geek: Bonus Post: What's Happening to the Covington Boys is Absolutely VILE

Covington Catholic Update | Power Line

Factually Incorrect Cannot Be Morally Correct

Covington, Ky., reels from fallout over Lincoln Memorial face-off - The Washington Post

The Covington students failed to act like grownups. So did the adults. - The Washington Post

First Journalist Fired for Fake News and Threats Directed at Catholic MAGA Kids | Trending

Covington Lawyer Gives Media 48 Hours to 'Retract and Correct' Smears

Surprise: Representative Ilhan Omar Defends the Black Hebrew Israelites Who Called the Covington Students Racial and Homophobic Slurs

The Washington Post and Kirstin Powers: The Real Victims in the Covington FakeNews Scandal? JOURNALISTS.

Nathan Phillips: Activist for Indigenous Rights and Symbol of Peaceful Resistance and Hope - Vogue

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