Thursday, January 31, 2019

Reason #6991 That Trump Was Elected

Largest Fentanyl Drug Bust In History Made As Truck Tried Crossing The Southern Border
U.S. Customs and Border Patrol seized enough fentanyl to kill over 50 million people from a truck that was trying to cross the southern border into the United States, according to an investigation by “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
. . .
“We got our hands on an internal memo from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol that details this bust. The biggest fentanyl seizure in U.S. history,” Vaughn began. “According to the memo, four days ago in Nogales, Arizona, at the port of entry, CBP officers stopped a tractor-trailer crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into the U.S. with enough fentanyl to kill 57 million people. That’s plenty of fatal dose to wipe out the entire populations of Texas, Arizona and New York state combined.”

She continued:
They found this under the floor of the trailer. They found 114 kilograms of fentanyl. According to the DEA, just two milligrams is considered a lethal dose. They also grabbed 179 kg of methamphetamine and one gram of fentanyl in pill form. The street value for the fentanyl over $102 million. The CBP officers arrested the smuggler, a Mexican national who attempted to drive the drugs across the border. The suspect was a part of the DHS’s trusted traveler program called FAST, that stands for free and secure trade for commercial vehicles. The program started after 9/11.
The bust comes as President Donald Trump is trying to secure funding for a wall he would like to be built along the southern border to prevent smuggling and illegal immigration. Many Democrats have countered the president’s desire by saying a wall would be “immoral.”
At 2.2 lbs per kg, 114 kg is too much for any but the strongest wetbacks to carry across the border on his/her/its (I don't know their preferred pronouns) back. It's an article of faith among democrats that the majority of the drugs come across the border at ports of entry like this one. That's probably true, but that estimate contains sampling bias. We find the most drugs where it's easiest to look for them and that's the port of entry.  It's the old problem of looking for your lost keys at night under the streetlight, and not in the unlit gutter. Drugs carried across the desert are probably mostly dropped before anyone is stopped by ICE. But even that is not entirely the point. The open borders are an invitation for smuggling drugs by a variety of means. If we crack down on ports of entry, as Trump also proposes, we'll see more being carried across the desert on the backs of illegal aliens, because of the opportunity.

Fucking fentanyl. We've lost at least 3 kids (using the word loosely) that I knew in the neighborhood. The death penalty is not unwarranted for fentanyl smugglers.

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