Thursday, April 5, 2018

Crazy People are Dangerous

You'd think a mass shooter with a name like Nasim Aghdam might be an Islamic terrorist. Nope, just another angry SJW:  YouTube Shooter Angry Over Demonetization Of Militant Vegan/Animal-Rights Vlogs
Did police miss a chance to head off yesterday’s shooting at YouTube’s HQ? Police have identified the now-dead assailant as Nasim Najafi Aghdam, an animal-rights and vegan vlogger with a deadly grudge against the platform, whose parents tried to warn law enforcement that she might have disappeared in order to settle scores. “She might do something,” they said, which is why police tracked her down hours before the shooting:

Stacy McCain: Woman Shoots People, Kills Herself at YouTube Office

Animal Rights Activist Nasim Aghdam Identified as YouTube Shooter
Californian media reported that Aghdam’s family had warned the authorities that she may target YouTube prior to the shooting. Her father Ismail Aghdam told The Mercury News that he had told police that she might be going to YouTube’s headquarters because she “hated” the company.
Police said they were still investigating possible motives but Aghdam’s online activities show that she believed YouTube was deliberately obstructing her videos from being viewed.
“YouTube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views,” she wrote on YouTube according to a screenshot of her account. Her channel was deleted on Tuesday.
Suspect In YouTube Shooting Posted Rants About The Company Online
Aghdam was no stranger to activism. Nine years ago, the San Diego Union-Tribune featured her in a report on a PETA protest at Camp Pendleton over the use of pigs in Marine Corps medic training (via Instapundit):
More than two dozen protesters gathered outside Camp Pendleton’s main gate yesterday afternoon to denounce the use of pigs in military-trauma training. …
Nasim Aghdam, 29, a San Diego animal rights activist, dressed in a wig and jeans with large blood drops painted on them.
“For me, animal rights equal human rights,” Aghdam said.
What If She’d Been an NRA Member? Nets Skimp on YouTube Shooter’s Animal Rights Extremism
So much for human rights, eh? The paper used a picture of Aghdam in their story, which is certainly a little unnerving under the circumstances. Don’t be surprised if more of these stories start emerging from newspaper vaults. Aghdam appears to have had a flair for the dramatic and the need for notoriety for some time, which might explain why she reacted so violently to getting demonetized.

Yet another case of the authorities failing to act and stop a crazed loon.

More crazy, also via Stacy McCain: Mystery After Lesbian Couple’s Apparent Suicidal Plunge Off California Cliff
A lesbian couple, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, adopted six black children. One of those children, Devonte Hart, became briefly famous in 2014 after a photo of him tearfully hugging a white policeman at a “Black Lives Matter” protest rally in Portland, Oregon, went viral. Police now fear Devonte is dead, along with his five siblings, after the Hart family’s SUV drove off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean in northern California:
I've driven the Pacific Coast Highway more times than I can remember. It's lovely, but dangerous at high speed. Ask me how I know.
The SUV that authorities said was carrying a family of eight — two parents and six adopted children — was traveling at 90 mph before it plunged off a California cliff last week, according to court documents obtained by a local TV station.
Fox affiliate KPTV in Oregon reported that the SUV’s speedometer was “pinned” at that speed, indicating that the vehicle remained in motion after it fell and just before it hit the rocks 100 feet below on the Pacific Coast Highway. Investigators also did not find any marks showing that the vehicle either accelerated or slowed down before it reached the cliff, or any evidence that it crashed into the embankment as it “traversed towards the tidal zone below,” according the documents cited by KPTV.
The crash, which killed a family that had once captured the world’s attention, has left troubling questions. Killed are the two mothers, Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart, both 38, and at least three of their adopted children. The other three remain missing.
The TV report provides a glimpse into what may have preceded the Monday afternoon crash at the ocean overlook near Westport, California, a small community about 180 miles north of San Francisco. Child services officials in Washington state, where the family lived, also have confirmed that they had begun investigating the Harts over “alleged abuse or neglect” days earlier.
And more: ‘Emotional Abuse and Cruel Punishment’: Woman Reported Lesbian Couple in 2013
More background on the story of Jennifer and Sarah Hart, the lesbian couple who adopted six black children and died when they drove their SUV off an oceanside cliff in California last week:
A woman said Tuesday that she told Oregon child welfare officials in 2013 that Jennifer and Sarah Hart — who plunged off a California cliff with their children last month in an SUV — had been depriving the kids of food as punishment.
In a statement provided to the Associated Press, Alexandra Argyropoulos, a former friend of the Harts, said she “witnessed what I felt to be controlling emotional abuse and cruel punishment” toward the six children.
Argyropoulos said she was told the children had been interviewed by officials but there was nothing more the Oregon Department of Human Services could do because there was not enough evidence to make a case. . . .
Authorities have said social service officials in Oregon contacted the West Linn Police Department about the family in 2013 while they were living in the area. Police referred media questions to the Oregon Department of Human Services, which cited privacy laws in refusing to say whether the agency was involved.
After reporting her concerns in 2013, Argyropoulos said, she was told the Hart children had been interviewed by officials from the Oregon department; it was apparent that each child had been coached by their mothers on what to say; and nothing more could be done.
Again, the authorities knew these women were dangerous; why did they continue to allow this?
This was an avoidable tragedy. Did political correctness discourage authorities from intervening to save the lives of these children?
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