Sunday, April 29, 2018

Soulless Ginger Attempts Humor, Fails

EBL has the White House Correspondents Dinner Summary: Smug and Sanctimonious: Michelle Wolf at White House Correspondents Dinner

I missed most of it initially because Michelle Wolf's routine was so boring I stopped watching. I went back to watch after people complained (which only confirmed my instinct not to watch in the first place was the correct one). I love a good roast, but this was not funny (Michelle, you are not Don Rickles).
Well, I didn't see any of it, except for this bit which I found on the internet. I hope to encourage networks not to cover it.

National Review: Loathsome and Unfunny

Legal Insurrection: Unfunny personal attacks stun at WHCD

Don Surber: Trump Effect hits White House Press Corp and A Journalist Disses The White House Correspondents Dinner

RedState: Trump boycotting the WHCD is not an attack of the First Amendment (the whole thing is a self congratulatory circle jerk)

Instapundit: She shouldn't dress like that, Dispatches from the Nerd Prom: Media hands Trump a big, embarrassing win, The garbage fire of last nights WHCD summed up in one tweet, If it weren't for declining standards, there would be no standards at all
To which I would like to add Ann Althouse's: Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents' Dinner: "You guys are obsessed with Trump. Did you use to date him? Because you pretend like you hate him but I think you love him." and They use women...

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Crash Test Girl" up and running at The Other McCain.

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