Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rule 5 Saturday - Christina Aguilera - Sexbot

Sexbot or sexpot, a mere letter apart: Look who's a SEX ROBOT prostitute in new Ewan McGregor film: Christina Aguilera gets Dirty
Eve is set in the near future and features McGregor as a robot engineer who falls in love with one of the artificial creations. It may remind some of the recent critical smash movie Ex Machina, but Alicia Vikander's android was far more menacing.

This new film will examine the very modern concerns over the advance in robotics and cybernetics and the increasingly real appearance of the machines.

With some people already buying robots as companions and sexual partners, Eve could not be more relevant.

The next logical step is for robots to be used for paid sexual encounters and one huge music star was determined to land the role of the robot prostitute in the new movie.

Christina Aguilera appearaed as a robot woman on the cover of her album Bionic and has never shied away from provocative physical displays.

After a much-derided lead role in the 2010 flop musical Burlesque, she is making her big screen come back in the most outrageous way as Jewels, a brunette sex robot in a futuristic brothel.

Eve's director Drake Doremus revealed the lengths Aguilera went to in order to land the shocking role.
Doremus said the singer contacted him before the casting process had even begun, made her interest clear and never stop pushing for the chance to prove she could do it.

He said: "I’ve been really fortunate to have people read for me over the years and for this movie.

"I’m just trying to make the best movie I can and I try to cast the best person for the role and she was the best person. She won the role."
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