Monday, April 9, 2018

Women Have Women Friends! Who Knew?

Most women prefer their best friends to their husbands and what's new?
Yeah, and?

Being a woman means a few things are fairly likely.

You probably earn less than your male co-workers. You might have boobs. You cannot freely exercise your bodily autonomy in Ireland.

That old "learn less" canard. That's been thoroughly debunked, even though Hillary and  Elizabeth Warren are still running on it. And yes, if you're a woman, you should have boobs; unless you're one of them "new" women. I presume the "bodily" autonomy thing refers to abortion. There are a lot of
Yeah, fair likely.

Another thing that's fairly likely if you're a woman is that you've got female friends. And if you haven't then please go acquire some because they're the best things in the world.

No, really, they are.
There is a certain ineradicable sexual tension between men and women, which is why so many women have some gay guy friend they feel close to.
A survey conducted by Champneys Health Spa showed that over half of women prefer spending time with their best friends over their husbands... and the reasons they gave for this decision are fairly relatable.

Here are some of them:
  • We can talk about everything
  • She listens more
  • I can tell her things I could not tell my partner
  • We enjoy the same things
  • We laugh until we cry
  • I can truly be myself
  • Sad really, isn't it?

Now, we know, this research was conducted by a spa so chances are all the women who were surveyed had attended the spa with the gals at some stage.

It's probably fairly likely then that they'd prefer to spend time with them.

Or maybe women are just more fun to be around?

Could easily be true.
I thinks so. But very few of them want to fish a lot.

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