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More Recent Russiagate

The spring run of Russiagate stories is still running strong: DOJ Inspector General Releases Report On Andrew McCabe’s Lack Of Candor (Update)
The DOJ Inspector General’s report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was released today, nearly a month after McCabe was fired just days before his retirement. As expected, the report concludes that McCabe “lacked candor” when questioned about a leak of information to the Wall Street Journal in October 2016. 
"Lack of candor" is DOJ/FBI speak for someone from the FBI or DOJ lying, and gives them the option to charge perjury or not, depending on how the political wind is blowing.
Finally, the IG concluded that McCabe had no authority to leak information to the Wall Street Journal.  The report notes: "The OIG is issuing this report to the FBI for such action as it deems appropriate."  In other words, don't expect much more to happen.
It will be interesting to see if McCabe is charged, or if shaming and loss of some pension benefits are deemed sufficient punishment. Micheal Flynn wants to know. The actual OIG's report on McCabe.

IG Report That Took Lyin' McCabe To The Woodshed Also Confirmed Something Else…Again
While Katie wrote up the scathing IG report that cited the many times former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied under oath to investigators and the DOJ inspector general about the bureau’s investigations into Hillary Clinton, it also re-confirmed something that fell by the wayside in recent months. That the FBI was indeed investigating the Clinton Foundation, something that then-FBI Director James Comey refused to confirm or deny. It also detailed the fallout from the leaks to The Wall Street Journal, which reported on the friction between the DOJ and FBI over the Clinton Foundation probe . . .
Immense irony alert via Ace: LOL: McCabe's Lawyer Says That It's Not Fair That OIG Investigators Ambushed Him With Questions He Wasn't Expecting
You mean like the FBI did to Michael Flynn?
As Sean Davis says:There is some extreme irony in a top FBI agent complaining about law enforcement officials ambushing him with questions he didn't feel like answering. Bless your heart, Andy McCabe.
Here's Andy's lawyer's response (in part):
Claim: Mr. McCabe lacked candor when he was interviewed by the OIG in July 28, 2017.
Fact: This is false. In a break from procedure, OIG investigators requested that Mr. McCabe, then the FBI's Acting Director, appear immediately to address matters related to the OIG’s review of the Clinton email investigation. Mr. McCabe knew he was a subject of aspects of that inquiry, and although his then-counsel was unavailable, he responded in an effort to comply with the OIG's request.
The OIG investigators assured him they would not ask questions about matters that could involve him.
Yeah, the FBI told Flynn they were just droppin' by for a friendly chat, too.
Despite that assurance, after sharing with him for the first time the volume and nature of thousands of highly sensitive and inflammatory text messages between two FBI employees they specifically asked him questions about the WSJ article, much to his confusion and contrary to his understanding of the ground rules of the discussion.
He was confuzinated by the fact that they had proof he was lying. Many people become confuzinated when they find out another party has proof of their lies.
 He had ground rules?

From the apolitical James Comey I Announced The Hillary Investigation Because Polls Showed Her Ahead  James Comey's tabloid jabs at Trump undermine credibility as sober lawman.
Hashing out sordid details of an event he admits there is no evidence happened, while dangling the possibility that it could have, is is a pretty obvious effort to generate book sales -- along with descriptions of Trump as, among other things, a mob boss. Given that the more substantive parts of the book seem to be largely a rehash of his previously leaked memos and testimony, there was a clear incentive to throw some chum into the water.
James Comey's Ego has a lot to answer for
At least we perhaps now understand the origins of the book's title, A Higher Purpose. For did you know that when James Comey's Ego draws itself up to its full height, it stands a full six feet eight inches tall?
James Comey Proves Republicans Criticize Their Own
The most interesting point, to me, is that neither Republicans or Democrats have much good to say about him anymore. He’s brought a divided country together! Now, as Republicans trash Comey, a common retort from Democrats is to say, well, Comey is a lifelong Republican. They ask how can Republicans criticize him? For the record, Comey is no longer a registered Republican.
Smitty at The Other McCain:  Outtakes From A Leadership Book By Some Guy Whom Troops Would Only Follow Out Of Morbid Curiosity
"Prosecutors like Mueller generally cringe when a witness speaks at length in public before a case has wrapped up."
"Comey’s blockbuster book and accompanying media tour, which kicks off in primetime on Sunday, will also expose him to the watchful eye of Trump allies and defense lawyers ready to exploit any inconsistencies in his accounts to their clients’ benefit. 'I’d have a conniption if I knew one of my witnesses was going to be writing a book,' said Nick Akerman, a former assistant U.S. attorney and Watergate prosecutor. 'From a prosecutor standpoint, you want a witness who hasn’t gone out and made lots of statements that can be used to cross examine him.... What he puts in there, he’s got to realize that’s his story and that’s what he’s sticking by.'"
Funny how this came out right after the FBI/DOJ seized a bunch of stuff from Cohen. Fresh leak? Report: Mueller Has Evidence Trump’s Lawyer Visited Prague In 2016 (Update)
McClatchy is reporting, based on anonymous sources, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gathered evidence showing that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague in 2016, something Cohen himself has repeatedly denied:
The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.
Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election…
Cohen has vehemently denied for months that he ever has been in Prague or colluded with Russia during the campaign. Neither he nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment for this story…
More leaks. FBI raid sought information on taxi owners linked to Trump's lawyer Seriously, the fate of the country rests on taxi drivers in New York? U.S. Attorney Filing: Cohen’s Conversations With Trump About Stormy Daniels Might Not Be Privileged Certainly not like Cheryl Mills conversations with Hillary Clinton, say for example.

Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 04.13.18", American Thinker: Attacking Trump’s Attorney – Calling All Tea Partiers
The Deep State, which is void of morals, seeks to play on our morals to remove our president. While the Deep State ignores the deviancy, lies, and crimes of its operatives, the Deep State will pressure Republicans to back away from Trump for moral reasons. Sadly, some Republicans will fall for the Deep State's dirty trick. I pray that We the People will stand strong, unwavering in our support of Trump and his vow to make America great again.

I agree with a dear conservative activist friend who said it is time we stop allowing the Deep State to control the public's focus. Let's get the Tea Party visible again with rallies in support of Trump's agenda, the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and other important issues. We must inform the masses about Trump's remarkable achievements. Here's a taste: for each regulation that Trump has introduced, he has ended 66 of Obama's overreaching, job-killing, and insane leftist regulations.
So how does Rosie go out? “When, Not If”: WSJ Sources Say It’s Now A Matter Of Time Before Trump Fires Rosenstein — And Sessions, but Articles Of Impeachment Drafted In The House For Rod Rosenstein. If I were a betting man I'd bet on Trump, not Congress, which hasn't established much record for actually doing anything.

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