Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Russiagate Ricochet

It continues to hit anything but it's proposed targets: Ricochet: James Comey as Walter Mitty
I concluded this: James Comey is Walter Mitty.

Comey writes as if his meetings with Big D were acts of courage, requiring extraordinary bravery, advanced tactical planning, and incredibly effective communications. His self-reverence throughout the 15 pages is astounding.
Johnathon Turley: Liar, Liar, DOJ On Fire? Comey and McCabe Offer Sharply Conflicting Accounts I think it's a mutual strategy to kneecap the prosecution of each other. Ace: NeverTrumpers Now Resorting to Hillary Clinton's "It Wasn't Marked Classified" Defense to Defend Comey's Leaks of Classified Documents. Irony meter wraps needle around right hand peg. Hot Air: CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Why Are You Criticizing McCabe Anyway? Perjury is OK in the service of Democrats. National Review reviews history to find The McCabe-Stockman Lesson: In Politics, Clean Up Your Own Nest First, while the Washington Times figures out that Obama Justice Dept.’s attempts to influence investigations exposed in McCabe probe. By way of Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 04.23.18" Mark Steyn holds a convocation on recent developments at the FBI and DOJ: When G-Men Go Bad:

Andrew Napolitano, Charles Gasparino: Mueller team said to be amused as Giuliani pledges to end Russia probe
“If Rudy comes to Mueller trying to negotiate anything short of a presidential guilty plea, he will likely be met by deaf ears,” said a lawyer who follows the case from Washington.
That's a pretty bald statement of their intentions. Can we stop pretending this is about finding the truth now?  Fox News host Sean Hannity's real estate holdings draw scrutiny Funny how that happened after they raided Cohen's storage facility.  Ace: Mueller-Inspired Fed Raid on Trump's Personal Lawyer Results in Leak About Sean Hannity's Real Estate Holdings How dare Hannity support President Trump!
There is no suggestion that these real estate holdings are illegal, though it is hinted at with the word "secret." (Other terms for "secret:" "private," "none of your business," "Get fucked, nark.")

This is just a naked attempt by the Deep State's police arms to intimidate and humiliate political opponents using the law -- or, at this point, I should say "the law" -- as a weapon.
Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: Sean Hannity Targeted by Deep State with Illegal Leaks from HUD After Michael Cohen Raid. Don Surber (also via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 04.23.18" ): Mueller's harassment of Hannity may be criminal. Which is why he's having the Southern District of New York DOJ do the dirty work. Trump and Michael Cohen don't see eye to eye on the biggest issue in his case. That was the point of raiding Cohen, to separate his interests from Trumps.

Cameron Smith and Norman Eisen,  Love Him Or Hate Him, Jeff Sessions Is Why Mueller’s Russia Probe Is Still On Track. Hmmm. The Bill to Protect Mueller May Not Survive the Supreme Court It shouldn't, it's a clear violation of the executive branch's powers. But as they say, absolute truth is a 5/4 decision in the Supreme Court.

Deep State or Democrat State, Don’t let the Democrats off the hook.
What do these three cover-ups have in common?

All three abused law enforcement resources to protect Democrat political assets. The Cohen raid, Flynn’s prosecution and the Clinton immunity agreements protected, respectively, Fusion GPS, Susan Rice and Huma Abedin, as well as other related figures. But protecting them was also a matter of self-protection for the key FBI and DOJ people who had been doing their bidding. Clintonworld and Fusion GPS had injected the materials into the government on which the illegal investigation of Trump was based. And Rice, Power and others had then abused the materials that came out the other end.

The cover-ups protected the political links to the investigations so that they would appear to be impartial criminal and national security affairs. Every exposure of the political links to these investigations has undermined confidence in their integrity and respect for their outcome.
Devin Nunes On Russia Probe Origin: "Major Irregularities" At State Dept, Sidney Blumenthal Involved Let me borrow Sarah Hoyt's shocked face. Everything touched by the Clintons gets corrupted. Kurt Schlichter: It’s Fun to Watch The Liberals’ and Never Trumpers’ Coup Dreams Die Don't get to cocky. They don't give up easily, and they have the power of the press on their side.

Donna Brazile claims: Democrats were crime victims. If Trump won't protect elections, we will. You'd think a proven liar and cheater would be more constrained. Ken White at Popehat: Dear DNC: We Need To Talk About RICO
DNC. DNC, my friend. It's almost never RICO, and throwing down RICO to signify THIS IS BIG is a move that puts legal strategy behind public relations.

RICO is a complex statute designed to address criminal organizations — by which I mean not organizations that do criminal things in pursuit of their goals, but organizations whose purpose is criminal. Stretched past that, it gets needlessly complex.

I understand. "RICO" is the new "awesome." It conveys, to people who don't understand it, "the things these people did are really bad and really criminal." It's a big frowny emoji. But the vast majority of the time it's far more trouble than it's worth in court.
At the Daily Caller, Roger Stone is proposing to use discovery for the Dems lawsuit to good purpose: Roger Stone To Use DNC Lawsuit Discovery To Probe Servers, Hacking Evidence. Get your popcorn ready.
“The DNC lawsuit opens the door of discovery. My lawyers and I want to examine the DNC servers to settle this bogus claim of Russian hacking once and for all,” Stone declared.

A letter from Stone’s lawyers to the DNC said, “One purpose of this letter is to advise the DNC we intend to test the basic underlying claims that “Russians” hacked, stole, and disseminated DNC data, rather than the various other plausible scenarios, including internal theft.”

Stone added to TheDC that “The lawsuit is bogus, baseless, without merit- offering no hard proof to back up their fantasy that I conspired with a group of others to work with the Russians to hack the DNC and give the fruits of that hack to Wikileaks. It’s a fairy tale, a hoax and a canard.”
The Last Tradition: Mara Liasson: I Don’t Think Russia Is a Voting Issue – Successful Dems Are Not Talking About It

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