Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Some Random Russiagate

From Ace's Morning ReportFederal Judge (and Failed Clinton AG Nominee) Kimba Wood Rejects Bid to Block Prosecutors from Reviewing PDT Attorney Michael Cohen's Records, Lord: Kimba Wood Has Clear Conflict of Interest in Cohen CaseDemocrat Gerry Connolly Calls on Fox to Fire Sean Hannity: "His Word Can Never Be Trusted Again"Hannity/Cohen Connection Almost Breaks the Internet... But Is It a Nothingburger?,  IG Report Proves McCabe's Firing Completely JustifiedDoJ Still Stonewalling Congress, Says Jim JordanOfficials Say Congressmen Repeatedly Failed to Supervise IT Aides (the Awans) with "Keys to the Kingdom"

Monday's HOT MIC by Liz Shield:  James Comey: 'It's possible' Russians have dirt on TrumpLoretta Lynch defends handling of Clinton investigation ahead of Comey interviewJames Comey’s ABC interview sidesteps his shocking decision to break every rule and leak to the press,
Comey says he believes the source of the Steele ‘dossier’ to be 'credible' and yet he claimed, under oath, that the contents were "salacious and unverified", Trump lashes out again at 'slimeball' Comey, suggests he should go to jailComey Throws Obama And Lynch Under The Bus In New Book

and Tuesday's HOT MICWill Sean Hannity face disciplinary action over Michael Cohen? Fox News isn't sayingThe public could've remained in the dark about the identity of Michael Cohen's third client — until one lawyer representing The New York Times and CNN stepped inHannity’s ethics under fireJuan Williams to Hannity: Why didn’t you disclose your relationship with Michael Cohen to viewers? Dershowitz confronts Hannity: 'You should have disclosed your relationship with Cohen' It's Comey book day - Today is the day that fired FBI Director/Twitter personality James Comey's book drops. Are you sick of him and his book yet? Meghan McCain castigates Comey over interview: ‘He clearly loves the media’'He said nothing': James Comey says Jeff Sessions left him 'on his own' when he pleaded for Sessions to step between him and TrumpABC News slammed for aggressively editing James Comey's sit-down with George StephanopoulosJames Comey got so freaked out by the fact he never saw Trump laugh he trawled YouTube looking for clips

So we’re just going to ignore that an ex-Clinton staffer interviewed Comey on the Clinton email scandal?Comey: I’m Not Trying To Make Fun Of Trump By Talking About His Peculiar Coiffure And Zesty Orange Hue10 Questions That ABC Didn't Ask ComeyMore Comey: I Know The Moment Trump Turned On MeTrey Gowdy: Comey Was Willing To Put All Of His Supposed Problems With Trump Aside To Keep His JobComey On Hillary: Maybe I Wouldn’t Say “Extreme Carelessness” Today,  Comey kept his finger on the scales: his selective ability to discern intent“Rip Him Apart”: Trump Glued To Comey Book Blitz As Feud Escalates,  FBI Insiders Furious About James Comey's "Self-Serving," "Gauche" Cash-In, Donald Trump is contagious. He turned James Comey into Donald Trump. James Comey is not a hero,

More Comey: Report: Michael Cohen Might Represent Himself A lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a lawyer. UNDER SIEGE, MICHAEL COHEN IS VACILLATING BETWEEN A NEW LEVEL OF EXASPERATION AND TRUMPIAN BUSINESS-AS-USUAL, Cohen Isn't the Biggest Catch from Trump WorldJudge Forces Michael Cohen to Disclose Name of Client Who Had Instructed Him to Keep It Secret Hannity. Too Weird To Check: Michael Cohen Reveals Secret Third Client To Be … Sean Hannity; Update: Never Represented Me, Says HannityBreaking: Judge Rejects Trump’s Request To Review Seized Cohen Materials but May Consider a "Special Master"

DOJ etal: 'Help, Can I Get My Money Back from McCabe's GoFundMe Campaign?' Prolly not. The McCabe Report is Just an Appetizer Keep hope alive! DOJ Inspector General’s Report On Hillary Email Probe To Be Released In May  Turns Out That New York Times’ Clinton Email ‘Botched Story’ Actually Wasn’t.

The Libby Pardon: The Libby Pardon Shows Once Again that Trump Is a Stand-Up Guy and Schiff: Trump’s Message With Libby Pardon Is ‘If You’re With Me, I Have Your Back’ Both can be true.

Susan Collins: The Senate won't confirm a replacement for Rod Rosenstein who will kill Russia probe

10 Key Insights From Today's Deep State Coup News

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