Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Russiagate in Name Only

Because Russia turned out to be not involved. You do know the hardest part of these posts is thinking up a new name, don't you? The posts sort of write themselves after the links are assembled.

Well, let's dig in. At the risk of beating a dead horse, Molly Hemingway at Da Fed, lists Top 28 Moments From Bombshell Barr Interview. That's a lot of peaks, but it was an awesome interview. David Catron at AmSpec writes William Barr Is Washington’s Worst Nightmare - Nothing scares the denizens of D.C. more than an honest man. Daniel Chaitin at WaEx reports Sean Hannity: Sources say William Barr may have inspector general FISA abuse report while Da Caller's Christian Datoc echos Brace Yourselves — The DOJ Inspector General’s Report Is Coming. As always, I urge cautious optimism, it's not like DOJ hasn't let us down before.

Meanwhile, from Sundance at CTH, Lawfare Strategy – Pelosi House Sets Contempt Vote Against AG Barr for June 11th… Remember, they're holding him in contempt for not breaking one of their own laws.

Liz Shield at PJ Media's The Morning Briefing: Contempt-o-Palooza Set for Next Week
Once this clown car passes a contempt vote they will be cleared to take legal action in a subpoena battle, "sources" told Politico. Both McGahn and Barr are being tormented with nuisance subpoenas because the White House has claimed it is exercising executive privilege and refusing to let them testify. In McGahn's case, he was White House counsel. In Barr's case, he is prevented from turning over the unredacted portions of the Mueller report because the law prevents him from doing so. The House can certainly take this issue to court and have the court decided if the public interest is worth violating the promised anonymity of grand jury testimony, but they aren't doing this. Why? Well, because the court will probably not side with Congress and this isn't about getting the redacted version of the report -- it's part of the congressional street theater operation. Trump has also covered the report under executive privilege, another reason Barr isn't turning over the report without the redactions (less than 10%). Oh, one more thing: the entire report sans grand jury is available for congressfolk to view, but they aren't taking the opportunity to do so. There's no good faith here. It's impossible to think that the congressional jokers are interested in anything other than a public, media-assisted, bitch fight.
Capt. Ed, CNN: White House Tells Hicks, Donaldson To Defy House Subpoena
Call this the basic formation in the executive-privilege playbook — when subpoenaed, refuse. CNN reports that administration attorneys have instructed former White House comms director Hope Hicks and deputy White House counsel Annie Donaldson to defy subpoenas from the House Judiciary Committee about their work at the White House. Hicks might have to cooperate on other matters, though:

Hicks’ role as a strategist within the White House puts her firmly in executive-privilege territory. Her role on the campaign, however, does not, since Trump was not an Article II officer at the time. Congress has a legitimate legislative interest in elections and their legitimacy, which is why Hicks is likely going to find ways to cooperate on that part of Nadler’s investigation.
We need more Hope!

Bookworm Room, House Judiciary Committee calls as its first witness . . . John Dean "What is John Dean’s expertise?  He knows no more about the inner workings of the Trump Administration than any other citizen who has read the Mueller Report.   He does, however, know about political spying, criminality and covering up a criminal acts — unsuccessfully at least." Sarah Hoyt at Insty: THE CLOWNS SEND FOR THE CLOWN.
This news came out several days ago, but it's starting to get more notice, Fox News, Mueller appears to have edited voicemail transcript between John Dowd and Flynn lawyer. Sundance, Former Attorney John Dowd Calls Mueller “A Fraud” for Editing His Comments…. Capt Ed at Hot Air,  Dowd: Mueller Lied About My Voicemail … So What Else Did He Lie About? Ace, Straight-Shooting Hero Robert Mueller Edited Trump Lawyer's Voice Mail Message to Make It Sound Nefarious, "Andrew Weissman strikes again? . . What need to lie hath men possessed of the truth?" Well, persecutors prosecutors gonna persecute prosecute.

Aaron Maté at The Nation? The Mueller Report Indicts the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory
The real Russiagate scandal is the damage it has done to our democratic system and media.

Joe diGenova on Adam Schiff's Threat to Subpoena Mueller. Bring it on!

In breaking news,

Ace, Report: Christopher Steele Will Meet With US Investigators
I wonder if this is just about him getting paid by Democrats in the future--I imagine his cache would be reduced if he was perceived as fleeing US inquiries.
Insty: WEIRD, RIGHT AFTER TRUMP SEES THE QUEEN: Breaking: Christopher Steele — the ex-MI6 agent behind the debunked Trump dossier — has reportedly agreed to be questioned by U.S. officials over his relationship with the FBI.

Mark Tapscott at the Epoch Time, New Documents Show FBI Gave Clinton Lawyer Special Treatment and Sara Carter, FBI Failed to Document Four Clinton Witness Interviews. Barr Should Reopen Clinton Probe. Yep. That probe was fixed. No wonder James Comey is getting very defensive

Hot Air, cites Michele Goldberg in the NYT who claims Democratic Voters Want Impeachment but The House Dawdles. but Capt. Ed also reports Exit Ramp: House Dems Mull Censure As Alternative To Impeachment. Toothless.

In the "Where are they now" segment, Da Beast says Michael Cohen ‘Treated Like a Celebrity’ in Prison. Well, to be fair, a good lawyer is hard to find in jail. Elizabeth Vaughn at Red State, Paul Manafort To Be Transferred To Rikers Island Because No Man Is Beyond The Reach Of The Deep State. Revenge, or preparation for his trials in NY courts? Why use "or" when you can use "and." John Sexton at Hot Air, California State Bar Moves To Suspend Michael Avenatti’s Law License. Trump is fortunate in his enemies.

Wombat-socho has Rule 5 Sunday: Monica Bellucci and FMJRA 2.0: Mr. Mastodon Farm up and on time.

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