Saturday, May 4, 2019

Raging Russiagate

Arrgh! There's sooo much I'm going to have to do this link style. But I will try to organize it by subheadings. Don't forget to use the magic code --Nona if you want to follow WaPoo links and you don't subscribe.

Bill Barr and his congressional testimony
William Barr exposed the rampant desperation of Trump's foes

Democrats’ questions to Barr made them look like fools

Barr Hearing a Cheap Stunt to Revive Flagging Harris, Booker, and Klobuchar Campaigns | Trending

Barr laid it on the line with the simple question the Russia Hoaxers can’t answer

Bill Barr's Testimony -- Attorney General Did Not Lie | National Review

The Barr hearing was much ado about nothing - The Washington Post

Bill Barr goes to Hell. And finds a client. - The Washington Post

Barr’s no-show triggers contempt threats, Nixon comparison and more impeachment talk - The Washington Post

Barr hearing underscores lawmakers’ freedom in questioning witnesses - The Washington Post

Dems go after Barr's head | TheHill
Senator Hirono Owes William Barr an Apology

Bill Barr's Performance Was Catastrophic - The Atlantic

William Barr has become a man of integrity who blesses Trump's corruption - The Washington Post

Nadler to Barr: Here's my counteroffer -- and a new contempt threat

Mark Penn: Trump is not a dictator, Nadler is. Our political system is being weaponized against itself | Fox News

CNN anchor: Sorry if I sound like Trump getting off scot-free in Russiagate has broken my spirit

Highlights from Barr's Spectacular Testimony, Which Made Democrat Heads Explode - The Rush Limbaugh Show

The Mueller report

The American people need to hear from Mueller — directly - The Washington Post

Mueller’s Sudden Concern Over ‘Public Confusion’ Glaringly Absent For 22 Previous Months | The Daily Caller

Ace of Spades HQ - Mueller Knew There Was No Collusion a Year or Two Ago, But Said Nothing At All.

How the notes of a low-profile White House aide provided Mueller with a trove of evidence - The Washington Post

Robert Mueller's silence let Donald Trump's supporters fill the void - CNNPolitics

Graham asks Mueller if he wants to refute Barr testimony - CNNPolitics

BREAKING: Graham Invites Special Counsel Mueller to Testify...Under One Condition

Lindsey Graham to Mueller: If Barr misrepresented your conversation with him, here's your chance to tell us

Media Spins Mueller Letter One Last Time, Chuck Grassley Has Ultimate Mic Drop On Them | Weasel Zippers

Trump, Putin discussed Mueller report and agreed no collusion, White House says

AG Barr Says He Will ‘Reconstruct’ Origins of Russia Probe

Trump is already set to use the government to destroy the Democratic nominee - The Washington Post

Ace of Spades HQ - Washington Post: The President Might, Get This, Use Justice Department Resources to Harass and Investigate His Rival!!!!

Ace of Spades HQ - If the FBI Spy Turns Out to Actually Be a CIA Spy, are the Enemy of the People Media Going to Keep Denying She's a Spy?

BRUTAL: TRUMP CAMPAIGN Responds to NY Times Report FINALLY Admitting Obama Admin Spied on Him and His Campaign

Byron York on Twitter: "So now we know the FBI wiretapped Carter Page and used undercover informant Stefan Halper and investigator 'Azra Turk,' posing as a research assistant, to gather information on George Papadopoulos. Remember the anger when AG Barr mentioned 'spying' on Trump campaign?"

BOMBSHELL: NYT Discovers Yet Another Spy Deployed Against the Trump Campaign in 2016 | Trending

Surprise: NY Times Admits Obama Admin Spied On Trump Campaign Without Calling It Spying » Pirate's Cove

Larry C. Johnson: Intel and Law Enforcement Tried to Entrap Trump

Ukrainian Embassy confirms DNC contractor solicited Trump dirt in 2016 | TheHill

Ace of Spades HQ - Foreign Collusion, Confirmed: Ukranian Embassy Confirms That DNC Contractor Asked Ukraine to Provide Negative Oppo On Trump She Could Use in the Election Against Him

Democrats Scared to Death of an Investigation of the Investigation - The Rush Limbaugh Show

Papadopoulos Responds to Admissions the FBI/CIA Ran “Operations” Against Him…. | The Last Refuge

Nunes casts doubt on Mueller’s findings about Papadopoulos tipster's Moscow links | Fox News

Big Puzzle Pieces Connecting – The CIA, FBI, and 2016 Political Surveillance is Merging… | The Last Refuge

From In The Mailbox: 05.03.19 (Morning Edition) : The Other McCain

Joe For America: FISA Court Judge Says Obama’s FBI Lied To Them And Were Spying Illegally FOUR YEARS Before The Election

JustOneMinute: Just Don’t Call It “Spying”

'Hi Honey!' Nellie Ohr's Emails Show She Lied About Steele Dossier - Victory Girls Blog

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