Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Change in the Weather at the Beach

The temperature dropped from 90 to 65 F overnight in the wake of an evening thunderstorm. Today was sunny, breezy and much less humid. Skye and I took off for the beach around 10:30. Along the way, something brown flitted past us and ducked into the grass. It turned out to be this Eastern Comma, flashing its small but distinctive namesake white mark on the underside of its wing.
It was a gorgeous day at the beach, and Skye was much happier at 65 than at 90.
A fossil scallop, Chesapecten, lying on the beach partially filled with sand and shell hash. I don't see how that happened, but I don't think someone did it, either. Weird. Otherwise, a mediocre day for fossils.

 Not a lot of traffic.
 A Clouded Sulphur in the dunes.
Back at home, a rare shot of the Spring(?) Azure at rest displaying its wings on one of Georgia's Blueberry plants.

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