Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Russiagate, Still Chugging Along

Keeping obstruction hope alive, the Guardian reports that Mueller drew up obstruction indictment against Trump, Michael Wolff book says and at the Daily Mail  'Fire and Fury' author claims Mueller drafted three-count indictment charging Trump with obstruction and witness tampering . Too bad for them Mueller Spokesman Denies Michael Wolff’s Claim He Drafted Indictments of Trump (legal Insurrection) “The documents that you’ve described do not exist.” Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Mueller Spokesman Denies Key Claim in New Anti-Trump Book by Michael Wolff. But regardless, it will keep the hope alive in some.

Bitter anti-Trumper John Ziegler at Mediaite, As of Now, It Sure Looks Like Robert Mueller Is Effectively Trump’s Best Friend, and for Joel Mathis at the Week, Robert Mueller's silence has become a problem. Except, like, when he busts one of your conspiracy or obstruction theories. From Da Hill, Amash doubles down on accusing Barr of 'deliberately' misleading the public on Mueller report. The trouble is we can read it ourselves. Breitbart, Swalwell: ‘I Don’t Believe in Coincidences with the Russians’ — Trump Colluded, like the time Bill got a big fat check for a small speech, and Hillary sold them America's uranium? That kind of coincidence?

Speaking of collusion with the Russians, John Sexton at Hot Air reports Christopher Steele Will Not Cooperate With John Durham Investigation, Reuters, British ex-spy will not talk to U.S. prosecutor examining Trump probe originsReport: Christopher Steele Refuses to Cooperate with DoJ Investigation (fine; drag his ass to Gitmo for a waterboarding - jjs at Aces). Sounds good to me. I'll bet NYT and WaPo won't inveigh against him, though.

Jed Babbin at AmSpec, Trump Let the Dogs Out "Those responsible for the coup attempt against the president can run but they can no longer hide." and at AmGreat, Monty Pelerin says its Time to Pay the Piper, and from Charles Lipson at RCP, 'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall' on Obama's Bad Cops and Spies. We'll see. I hate to douse optimism, but my faith in the government to let it's own be held to account is not that strong.

Liz Shield at the PJ Media The Morning Briefing: Media Worried About Leaking of Dossier Sources After Leaking Dossier Sources, but it's OK when they do it. From Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Dossier Architects Claimed They Wanted To Protect Identity Of Sources. One Was Unmasked Anyway, Matt Vespa at Town Hall, SPYGATE: And Just Like That…The Democrats Are Opposed To Investigations. What? Hypocrisy in Washington D.C.?  Well I never!

Thomas Lifson at AmGreat, Joe DiGenova blows the lid off the real scandal: The Russia hoax was a cover-up effort for Obama's political spying since 2012. From Sundance at CTH, Joe diGenova Discusses Declassification and Origin of Obama Political Surveillance Operation…

Sarah Lee at Red State, Moves To Investigate Origins Of Russia Collusion Investigation Reveal Something Else: The Poisonous Culture Of The Obama Administration
The honor among this particular band of “thieves” appears to be slowly crumbling as they all run to their respective corners and try to cover their own behinds. And while Felton notes that “even in the best of times, departments and agencies such as Justice, State and the FBI find themselves in back-stabbing bureaucratic battles of all against all,” the management of these agencies under Obama seems to have been run by people who were particularly petty and uncooperative when it came to working with other agencies and even co-workers within their own agencies.
From WaPoo (30 day pass), James Comey claims No ‘treason.’ No coup. Just lies — and dumb lies at that. Well, yes, he told his fair share. Beth Bauman at Town Hall, Comey Defends The Russia Probe... And Proves Trump's Point All In One OpEd
Comey, the mainstream media and Democrats are delusional. And this opinion piece is another sad, sad very failed attempt to spin the facts. The truth of the matter is the house of cards is falling and it's very, very bad for Democrats and the deep state. Comey proved that point again.
Big League Politics, CLAPPER ADMITS: Obama Personally Ordered Peter Strzok To Set Up Mueller Probe. No shock there.
This is James Clapper’s interview with Anderson Cooper, which confirms that Obama ordered Strzok to carry out an Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), which became the basis for the entire Mueller probe.

“If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place,” Clapper said in his Anderson Cooper interview.
More evidence that the Mysterious Mr. Mifsud was a western spy, not a Russian spy, 

and more from a former CIA station chief Brad Johnson on the arrest of Italian intel leaders:

Stephen Presser in AmGreat, Jurisprudence and the Failed Coup
It is no coincidence that deep state bureaucrats such as Comey, Brennan, Clapper, et. al., and the Harvard Law School-trained Obama would be tempted to act on what they must have seen as their superior judgment to the voters of flyover country who chose to elect Donald Trump. To these federal officials, the Fabian socialist policies of the Obama Administration, purportedly dedicated as they were to equality, efficiency, redistribution, and centralized control were the inevitable wave of the future, and nothing as trivial and outdated as the Electoral College (or perhaps the Constitution itself) ought to be permitted to interfere.
Don Surber, It's not just America they hate. They hate you, in particular.

WaEx, Democrats’ impeachment talk impeaches their own credibility. Assuming they had any to start with. Fortunately, Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges, Alexander Bolton, Da Hill).
While McConnell is required to act on articles of impeachment, which require 67 votes — or a two-thirds majority — to convict the president, he and his Republican colleagues have the power to set the rules and ensure the briefest of trials.

“I think it would be disposed of very quickly,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).
. . .
“Why on earth would we give a platform to something that I judge as a purely political exercise?” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), another member of the Judiciary Committee. “We have to perform our constitutional duty, but if people think that we’re going to try and create a theater that could give you the perception that this is a matter that rises to the level of Watergate, that’s nonsense.”
Tina Lowe at WaEx,  Remember when they told you Avenatti would be the next president?. There's still plenty of time after he serves the 400 or so year's worth of crimes he's accused of.
Part-time #Resistance hero and full-time Trump foe Michael Avenatti finally graduated from media grifting and refusing to pay back creditors to big boy crimes, and he now faces upwards of a century in the clinker. A U.S. attorney's office in California has charged Avenatti with embezzlement and fraud, and the Southern District of New York alleges that the former 2020 hopeful attempted to extort Nike for tens of millions of dollars.

Grifters gotta grift, no matter the circumstances. But let's not forget that for longer than a hot second, cable news touted this nutjob as a serious presidential contender, legitimizing him as an actual political force. And all because he was representing a porn star who once banged the president and allegedly got paid to shut her mouth about it.
Marc Thiessen, WaPoo, Assange is a spy, not a journalist. He deserves prison. Gleen Grenwalt, or some sock puppet, The indictment of Assange is a blueprint for making journalists into felons. But trust us, we won't do it unless we need to. Or maybe if we really want to, or maybe if it's just politically convenient.

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